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    Alison & Ryan Outdoor Preppy Chic Wedding in Charleston

    March 30, 2013 at The William Aiken House

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    When you look up the definition of adorable, I'm pretty sure that this couple is right there. I mean, seriously, Alison & Ryan are just about as sweet and cute as they come. They describe their wedding as "Southern Chic," but it is so, so much more. It's classy and preppy, but with enough personality and character to spare, and just a little whimsy for the icing on the cake. Shannon Michelle Photography has been one of our very favorites since we first set up shop in Charleston, and this wedding just may be our new favorite. Really, it's just that special.

    From the bride....

    Ryan and Alison are both Charleston transplants. They wanted to have a "Southern Chic" wedding, incorporating bright pops of color, delicious southern food (with a little California flair), and upbeat music (fabulous local bluegrass band, Blue Plantation). The couple loves the spring in Charleston, so they chose to have their celebration over Easter weekend in March. The color scheme was royal blue and Kelly green, and paisley was their inspiration. They decided to incorporate small Easter themed touches throughout the event - check out the bunny ears! Once they found their venue, the enchanting William Aiken House, and their planner, Lindsey Shanks, everything began to come together! Ryan and Alison decided on an outdoor ceremony under the pergola and an indoor and outdoor reception. They selected fabrics and decorative items from Etsy, and Ryan even made the Kelly green cake stand! The Perez wedding was everything and more than the couple ever could have imagined!

    The Couple


    Ryan is a California boy who wandered his way into Charleston, SC. Ryan is an extremely talented musician who has the ability to pick up any instrument and make it sound amazing (He sang Alison a surprise serenade at the wedding!). He loves the beach, watching movies, riding his motorcycle and his fur babies Stella and Franklin.


    Alison is a first grade teacher in Charleston County, by way of West Chester, PA. In her free time, she enjoys painting, gardening, cooking with her husband (Yaaaay!), live music and enjoys tae bo and zumba. She is a lover of the arts and all things furry.


    Ryan & Alison are living proof that opposites attract! Alison is an organized "plan-oholic"! Ryan is a fly by the seat of your pants kind of guy. Somehow their opposite qualities bring out the best in one another. They make the most of every moment together and enjoy cooking, hitting the beach, watching movies and playing with their fur kids (kitties) Stella and Franklin.

    Our Love Story

    Ryan & Alison met online. Now, before you jump to match.com conclusions, listen to this story of true fate! Ryan was living in Summerville and Alison in West Ashley. One afternoon Ryan was searching online for music. More specifically he was searching for one of his favorite (and obscure) Grateful Dead songs, "Bird Song." When he clicked search, the first item that popped up was Alison's MySpace profile. He was intrigued so he checked out her profile, and found that Alison shared the love of the Grateful Dead and had "Bird Song" playing on her profile player. He quickly noticed how beautiful she was :) and that she lived just a few towns away! They emailed for a few months and eventually shared a burger on a first date! 5 years later she walked down the aisle to "Bird Song," and the rest is history!


    Alison & Ryan found so many beautiful and unique pieces on Etsy.com. Check out Ryan's pocket watch, the blue and green chandeliers, tissue paper balls, the "Here Comes the Bride" sign and beautiful paisley ties on the groom, his dudes and the ring bearers bow ties. Alison also had clutches made for her ladies on Etsy as well.

    What's Next

    Alison & Ryan spent 9 glorious days in Mexico honeymooning in June. They are now enjoying their new and exciting life together as husband and wife. They are excited to plan their next adventure together, and have a five year plan for a European excursion! They are planning to buy a new car and get a puppy this summer!

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