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    Cassidy & Trevor Bright & Bold Wedding in Charleston

    June 2, 2012 at Cassique

    Wedding Details

    3 Loves

    Color. Color. Color. From the blues of the bride's shoes and bridesmaid dresses to the pinks and yellows of the flowers, this Charleston wedding was nothing short of vibrant with the perfect doses of spunk and personality! Cassidy and Trevor simply could not be cuter together, and their wedding day embodied them perfectly... with the cutest ring bearers you ever did see! Complete with milk & cookies and the most perfect old, red pickup truck, we are thanking our lucky stars that MCG Photography was there to capture the magic! Enjoy this beauty, lovelies!

    The Couple


    HE: laughs so hard his face gets scrunched up, is just a big kid at heart, lets me have things my way, will make a great father, makes a great travel partner, and puts everyone else first


    SHE: hates the word 'no', makes family a priority, can extreme multi-task, has an adventurous spirit, can get ready for a date in 20 minutes, and loves to shop

    Our Love Story

    Trevor was subbing for his best friend, Todd, in a work volleyball league. Cassidy was in the same subdivision as Todd and assigned to the same volleyball team. The first game, Cassidy introduced herself to everyone, and Trevor asked if she played volleyball in college. She replied "yes," in fact she did play at Miami University. He basically called her a liar and insisted she did not play there as he was one of the coaches at Miami and didn't know her at all. Little did he know, she was younger, and they missed each other by a year! Although she wasn't interested right away, towards the end of the season they became closer and starting flirting. Cassidy made the move by asking for his number to play beach volleyball that summer together, and the rest is history. But what really sealed the deal was Trevor's first trip to visit Kiawah with Cassidy 5 months into dating, when he fell in love with the island and shrimp and grits!

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    MCG Photography in US
    MCG Photography Corrie & James Photographers
    Engaging Events in Charleston
    Engaging Events Cindy Zingerella Planners & Designers
    Vanity Salon in Charleston
    Vanity Salon Kim Coleman Hair & Makeup
    Artistic Eye Productions in Charleston
    Artistic Eye Productions Ben & Sharon Hough Cinematographers

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