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    Sara & Lou Destination Wedding on Kiawah Island

    October 5, 2013 at Kiawah Island Resort

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    I am a sucker for all of the little details that go into a wedding, and they totally pull on my heart-strings when they have personal meaning behind them. It just adds so much to the day when everything was chosen for a special reason, and those personal details and memories are what Sara & Lou focused their whole day around, making this entire affair uniquely their own. From having their wedding at Mingo Point to the atmosphere they created, even down to the color palette that was used, all of it had a significant meaning to them and their relationship. Seriously y'all, it's weddings like this beauty from Sean Money + Elizabeth Fay that remind us why we love our job so very much. So dive right on in and stay awhile, we won't blame you for letting this soirée fill your entire morning…..

    From the stunning bride...

    As we began the wedding planning process, Lou & I decided that before we could determine our theme and decorations, we needed to decide on a venue that would create the atmosphere we were looking for. Lou & I both love the natural beauty of the outdoors and we knew we wanted an outdoor ceremony. Living in Raleigh, North Carolina, we are blessed to have easy access to the Blue Ridge Mountains and the beautiful beaches of the Outer Banks and Wilmington. We were having some trouble deciding between the mountains or the beaches of North Carolina. We wanted something that fit our style. Although we love the beach, we don’t really have a beachy style to us, so we decided not to have a typical “on the beach” wedding. We also love the mountains, but again, we don’t really have that true mountain style, so we ruled out the Blue Ridge Mountains. That’s when Lou remembered that he had once vacationed on a small island south of Charleston, South Carolina called Kiawah Island. He remembered how much fun he had had with his family and some friends vacationing there, enjoying the sense of seclusion in nature, but also right on the beach and near a major city. This was perfect because it also tied perfectly into our story. Early on in our relationship, Lou took me to Charleston on a weekend trip, and that is where I ended up falling in love with him!

    After realizing that Charleston was such a meaningful place for us, Lou found a picture of a wedding ceremony at a place on Kiawah Island called Mingo Point, overlooking the Kiawah River, which flows into the ocean. After seeing the picture, I was immediately in awe of the beauty of the scene. We decided to visit Kiawah Island to see if Mingo Point could be our venue, and as soon as we got there, I knew it would be the perfect setting for our wedding.

    After deciding on our venue, we knew we could start brainstorming different themes and ideas for decorations. Lou & I are a casual, laid back couple and we wanted that to reflect back to the guests to provide a comfortable, yet fun atmosphere for the ceremony and reception. We both love the beauty of the outdoors and decided to draw our colors and theme from the natural environment of Kiawah Island. Mingo Point has beautiful Live Oak trees with hanging Spanish moss, iconic to the Southeast, providing a romantic, rustic atmosphere. We decided to use shades of corals, browns, and grays in our pallet to emulate the natural colors of Mingo Point. We chose coral as our primary color, which you can see in the bridesmaid dresses and bouquets, as it reminded us of the beautiful first sunset we saw there. We used shades of brown, including beautiful oak barrels provided by Kiawah Island Resort, burlap table overlays, and wooden tree coasters to create a rustic and natural feeling for the wedding. We chose different shades of gray for the groom and groomsmen suits, which added a sleek, elegant element to the palette.

    During the wedding planning process, something that was very important to me was paying tribute to our parents and grandparents, all of whom have had long, successful, and loving marriages that have been wonderful examples to us as we plan for our future. We set up a photo display of Lou and my parents and grandparents wedding pictures, which was a great way to pay tribute and reminisce about times (and fashions) of the past.

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