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    Courtney & Joe Beautiful Lavender Wedding in North Carolina

    May 23, 2015 at Separk Mansion

    Wedding Details

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    Katherine Elena Photography did a stunning job with Courtney & Joe's lovely lavender wedding. Not only is lavender Courtney's favorite color, but it is also the perfect representation of the sweet smell of a spring day in North Carolina. This theme ran throughout the day, from the bridesmaids' dresses to the drink garnishes to the lavender toss as the couple made their exit. The sparkling sequin tablecloth on the couple's table was a simple detail that helped add to the shine and beauty of the day. See all the loveliness below!

    From the photographer...

    Courtney & Joe were such a sweet couple to work with. They are the type of couple whose joy and love is contagious. Courtney was the embodiment of relaxation on her wedding day: calm as a cucumber and not worried about anything except for marrying her best friend. They had such an amazing day and couldn't have been happier with the way everything turned out.

    The Couple


    Joe is a chemist at McKesson Pharmaceuticals. He loves to golf and play trivia with the boys.


    Courtney is an accountant for PWC, a public accounting firm. She likes to work out, run, hike, and stay active. She travels a lot for work and uses that to her advantage to see many cities across the US.


    Joe likes to cook and I like to eat the food he cooks (as long as it is somewhat healthy — he cooks the fried food while I am out of town). I like to drag him on all the weird adventures I come up with and he comes along, usually with little complaint, and almost always enjoys it when we are finished. We have mostly all the same friends and are close to each other's families so we spend a lot of time visiting family and friends.

    Our Love Story

    We met during our spring semester of freshman year at NC State but because I am from Massachusetts and was going home for the summer, we decided to delay making it "official" and started dating in October 2009, our sophomore year. Our friendship brought a lot of our friends together and throughout college Joe & I developed an amazing friendship along with our relationship and we fell in love pretty quickly. We got engaged shortly after I graduated from grad school in June 2013. We were at the beach with his family and a few of our college friends. We had this amazing beach-front house with views of the ocean all week but in true Joe fashion he decided to wait until the last day to propose as we were packing the car. I had just thrown something in the trunk of the car and when I turned around he was on his knee with the ring in his hand (no box) and completely silent. After being together for years and knowing the answer would be yes, it was shocking to see how nervous he was. But when he was finally able to speak, he asked, and of course I said yes!

    What's Next

    Currently we are just relaxing and enjoying married life. Now that the wedding planning is over, we want to start traveling more and seeing other parts of the world — we started planning our next big trip on our honeymoon!

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