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Farm Fresh Brunch Wedding with Pinwheel Collective

I am positively loving that more & more brides and grooms these days are opting to go for a brunch wedding instead of the usual nighttime affair. Brunch weddings offer a completely different feel than their nighttime counterpart; they're intimate, less formal, unexpected, and as you'll see below, totally delicious. (Who doesn't love brunch, after all?!) Beyond that, they're usually also more affordable & therefore perfect for the couple who wants to celebrate their nuptials in style, but without entering their marriage in debt. Indeed, venues are usually available at a lower cost for daytime weddings (as they can typically still hold another wedding that night), brunch fare is often less expensive, and, because guests typically drink less earlier in the day, they can save you can save big time on the alcohol costs at weddings, which is often one of the priciest components.

All of this is why we were positively thrilled when the Charlottesville wedding photographers at the Pinwheel Collective sent over this perfectly stunning styled shoot. Held at Spring Creek Roller Mills in Bridgewater, VA, and styled by The Lady Jane with hair & makeup by Carolyn Thombs, we are swooning over this unconventional shoot. If you ever needed more reason to consider a brunch wedding, you have it right here.

More about the inspiration behind the shoot from Pinwheel Collective...

"The concept is simple, but is packed with the makings of a beautiful farm-to-table brunch wedding. Guests are invited to a sunrise treat of Flanders Waffles (so fluffy and sweet you'll feel like you're at a carnival) paired with fresh citrus to snack and drink. As the morning progresses, sip on a freshly made latte from Nomad Mobile Coffee. And of course, guests can enjoy the peace and quiet of an early morning wedding, in the company of the friendliest goats and chickens.

"Our beautiful bride takes an untraditional approach to a wedding dress, made by French Connection (and purchased at The Yellow Button). The groom matched his style with her casual gown."

I have a feeling we'll be seeing lots of brunch weddings in the coming months, and I couldn't be more pleased!

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