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Love in Richmond

Love in Richmond

We are thrilled to feature this adorable engagement session by Aaron Watson, one of Charlottesville's premier wedding photographers, on Borrowed & Blue today! Here is the sweet love story of Jing and Jeff. Congrats you two lovebirds!

You may remember how fabulous Jing and Jeff are from a post a little while ago of their engagement pictures in Richmond. Well, their wedding is coming up this weekend (we can’t wait!) and I was reading back through a questionnaire they filled out for us telling us a little about themselves. As part of this questionnaire we asked them to share their proposal story, and by the time I finished reading it I had tears in my eyes. Jeff not only planned a phenomenal proposal, but in telling the story, Jing put in her reactions to all of Jeff’s thoughtfulness and I was blown away by how perfect they are for each other. I think it is such a sweet story, and it’s great timing to share it with you now, as their wedding is only a few days away! (I paraphrased the story a little to fit the space)

“Jeff totally surprised me with the proposal. He said he wanted to take me away for the weekend as a birthday present, and I never suspected a thing. We decided to visit Madison, Wisconsin since we had heard many fun things about the town. We drove up to Madison early Saturday to avoid traffic and spent the morning browsing their incredible farmer’s market and eating at various food vendors. Then we rented a tandem bike and explored Madison, riding along the various bike paths, lakes, and we even visited the beautiful Olbrich Botanical Gardens. We ate a late lunch at a delicious Peruvian restaurant and spent the afternoon with a good friend of Jeff’s on the U of Wisconsin campus; we sat by the lake at Union Terrace drinking delicious beer and watching THREE weddings take place simultaneously. [An aside from Kelsey: foreshadowing, anyone?!]

Early that evening, Jeff took me to the bed & breakfast he had booked, which was also a surprise. The Speckled Hen Inn was the most charming and luxurious place we had ever stayed. Pat, the innkeeper, greeted us at the door and gave us a proud tour of her lovely home. Before leaving, she inquired about our plans for the night and when we’d return so that she could have the champagne ready. At the time, Jeff gave a quick and nervous answer, but again, I didn’t suspect a thing and just couldn’t stop grinning at his thoughtfulness. We headed out soon after and had dinner at an Italian tapas restaurant that Jeff promised would be delicious. We ordered way too much food and managed to consume most of it because everything tasted divine. Between the wine, the food, the beautiful summer evening, and Jeff’s unparalleled attentiveness, I was having the best night ever.

On our way back to the Speckled Hen, we drove by this brightly lit park with mini-golf. Jeff immediately took the next exit and backtracked to the park. Vitense Golfland was unbelievable. The mini-golf course was full of decoration and creative challenges. We played among giraffes and hippos, stepped through creeks and walked over waterfalls and tried to get our balls through windmills and out of ponds. Definitely the best mini-golf experience I’ve ever had.

It was past midnight when we finally made it back to the Speckled Hen. We walked into our room and found that not only had Pat chilled the champagne, she also arranged roses for the room and left us huge chocolate covered strawberries. Jeff led me to the bed and sat me down and said that he had one more present for me, and he pulled out a small box from behind the pillows. At this point I started to hyperventilate, and I tried really hard not to cry and just kept looking back and forth between Jeff and the ring. He said many things, but all I heard was “Will you marry me?” I think I squealed “YES!” and started to cry. Jeff, being silly, asked me which hand to put the ring on and made me laugh. Happiness masked all feelings of fatigue and we spent a long time admiring the ring and hearing all about how Jeff, along with 4 other accomplices managed to keep this endeavor completely unknown to me for the last 5 months.

[This is the best part] 
Haha, sorry for the long story, but I really want to share how incredible of a man Jeff is. He never does anything halfway and always makes me feel so incredibly happy and special. He really went all out and planned the perfect weekend. I love sharing this story.

Congratulations in advance to Jing and Jeff! We can’t wait to show you their Charlottesville wedding!

Aaron Watson Photography

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