BBQ Connection LLC in Charlottesville

    We have competed in over 50 national BBQ contest and and have won over 100 top ten awards in the past 10 years.

    Our BBQ is cooked with real wood -- not gas or electric. We don’t steam our meats. Slow and low is the mantra that we cook by, added a touch of hickory, oak, or apple smoke for flavor. Everything is cooked onsite! All our meat is well seasoned and then, if needed, the appropriate sauce is added. We go to enormous lengths to make the very best barbecue around. All catered events are cooked fresh onsite. No barbecue is prepared days ahead of time and reheated. We hand-pick each ingredient. All meats are slow cooked to perfection. Nothing escapes our attention! Please allow 5 to 10 hours of setup time before serving, if needed.

    If you want the best barbecue for your Charlottesville wedding, call the caterers at BBQ Connection. Click on the "Services" tab to see what we offer.

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