Mike Lund Food in Charlottesville

    You know and love good food, and you shop at your local farmers’ market. Why should you change that for your wedding? Mike Lund FOOD is here to help. Located in historic Staunton, in Virginia’s beautiful and bountiful Shenandoah Valley, we utilize the wealth of farmers and artisan producers in the valley and the surrounding area to bring you the best and freshest ingredients and products. Chefs Mike and James will work with you to craft a sumptuous local foods menu as personal and individual as your special occasion.

    At Mike Lund FOOD, our approach is simple and honest. People seek caterers to help them mark life’s memorable events. Your wedding is unique to you. Your menu and food should be too. Instead of having a list of dishes you pick and choose from, we work with you to create a menu that will be meaningful for you and your guests in a way that no standard menu could be.

    Looking for some comfort food from your childhood? Grandma’s favorite? A delicious dish you came across in your travels? That yummy thing you were eating when you decided there would definitely be a second date? Together we’ll honor those memories—and make new ones.

    Prior to branching out on his own in 2010, Mike was Executive Chef at Zynodoa Restaurant in Staunton, and Executive Sous Chef at The Inn at Little Washington, Lund is a central figure in Virginia’s local food movement. Having worked on a world-class level for much of his career, Lund brings to the table knowledge and talent that come from years of experience working with farmers, foragers, fishermen and their exceptional products as well as some of the world’s most discriminating clientele.

    He is an expert at finding the best local suppliers as well as encouraging them in their own business development. He is highly talented and flexible in designing inspired dishes around what’s available.

    He has been a force in helping Staunton achieve its newfound status as a culinary stronghold in the local food movement.

    To have Chef Mike Lund's Food at your destination wedding in the Charlottesville area, contact him today. See the "Services" tab for more information about Mike Lund Food.

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