Bessie Black Photography in Charlottesville

    Every photographer is different, but the qualities that I feel separate my business from others are: a. Attention to detail- providing you with as much information as you need so that you are always aware of what is next and what to expect. This quality also applies to wedding day as well, where I can anticipate a kiss or a hug from across the room! Adjusting a train, the dress, misplaced hair, flowers…all of these details matter! b. Flexibility. One of my brides said it best: “…she will do anything you need her to do and don’t hesitate to ask her to take certain shots! She is extremely flexible…” c. Experience. There are just certain things you learn after years of attending weddings. Being professional and the ability to adjust to any timeline or hiccup that comes your way is an example of this. Also being able to predict a problem before hand and taking the time to fix it or getting it resolved before the bride is even aware. Q: WHERE DO WE START? I suggest a personal meeting. This allows all of your questions to be answered at one time, a chance to provide samples and an opportunity to get to know each other. You want to be comfortable with your wedding photographer!

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