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Capturing beautiful, fun, intimate, and real portraits is a product of Will's fun and friendly nature that puts people at ease & allows moments to present themselves. Will is an award-winning photographer based in Charlottesville, Virginia, serving Virginia, Washington D.C., and North Carolina. First published as a teenager, Will has since made his life about photography & has been photographing weddings since 2003 and officially started his business in 2006.

Will loves chatting over coffee, meeting new people, hearing how couples met, crazy travel stories, what inspires people, and listening to what people want out of a photographer.

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February 20, 2017 | This is a verified review
Highly Recommend!

"Could he and his wife be nicer?! They are such great people with reasonable prices and we absolutely adored our pictures. Friends of ours spent double on pictures and this was not a vendor we wanted to splurge on. But we did not feel like we got any lesser of a product at all. The pictures are perfect and we can't wait to book Will for family photos soon! "

February 16, 2017 | This is a verified review
Highly Recommend!

"Will and his wife Jess absolutely made the event! They did exactly what we asked them to do, which was to take as many candid pictures as they could and they delivered! They sincerely became part of the family that day! Upon first contact and throughout the planning, Will was extremely prompt and receptive. The absolute neatest thing, other than watching them both work and find absolutely amazing places (that were so "us") to take pictures, was the package in which the thumb drive (with pictures) was delivered. Worth every penny!!"

February 9, 2017 | This is a verified review
Highly Recommend!

"Will's pictures were fantastic. Somewhere between Will, my husband, and I the ball got dropped. I'd never had wedding pictures taken before and while I was getting ready Will asked me for a list of the types of pictures I wanted. Apparently he'd asked my husband who never gave him the list and never asked me. I mistakenly assumed the photographer would take the lead and tell me where he wanted me etc. I had to make a list on the fly and looking back there were some photo-ops that I missed because I had to make it while my hair was getting done. I wasn't prepared for that. I would recommend that you have a list ready so that things don't get missed."

William Walker Photography replied:

" I'm sorry you felt like a ball was dropped. I had issues getting responses from you guys, unfortunately. I had told you when we had our engagement session and dinner afterwards that I would be needing a "posed family photo list". I had also asked Britton prior to the wedding since he had been the point of contact for the wedding. Literally, the only email I have from Jessica, is the list she sent me on the day of because I asked her to. I try to not heckle clients too much close to the wedding since I know there are a lot of stresses involved, and if I don't get a list prior I always ask when there's idle time, i.e. when you were getting your hair done. All I was asking for was a list of the posed family portraits you would have liked when it came that time so we could be efficient with our groupings, since every family is different. If you were under the impression I wanted more than that, I'm sorry you felt that way. I've been doing this for the better part of 15 years and I've learned to try to make up communication deficits wherever I can. I hope you are enjoying that beautiful family of yours! -Will Walker "

December 2, 2016 | This is a verified review
Highly Recommend!

"I was given Williams contact info from our florist fox tail cottage. Karen showed me some of the work he had done for a previous wedding and I was speechless. If you haven't had the chance to see the night shots he is able to capture then you are truly missing out on his talent. Once I saw his work I knew I wouldn't be able to go with any other photographer. William and his wife make one kick ass team and we are so happy with how they captured our day. It's what I hold most dear from that weekend. "

August 31, 2016 | This is a verified review
Highly Recommend!

"I cannot say enough great things about Will Walker! Will and his wife, Jess, are incredible to work with, and have a way of putting everyone they photograph at ease. Will was always responsive to emails, and even willing to drive all the way to Williamsburg, VA for our engagement shoot! He is an artist and has an amazing eye for capturing all of the special moments, no matter how small. On our wedding day, when it started raining five minutes before the ceremony, we could not even be upset, because we knew we were in such good hands with Will. Despite the weather, Will even laid down in the grass to ensure he got the shot just right. He and Jess also did a wonderful job of capturing our guests, particularly during the reception. The day after our wedding, Will sent us a blog post with some teaser photos of our event, and we were so shocked at how quickly he was able to produce the photos, and also at how incredible they were! We have received so many compliments on our wedding photos, and have recommended Will to my friends who just got engaged. We truly feel like we have the best day of our lives captured perfectly because of Will and Jess. Thank you, Will and Jess!!!"

June 17, 2016 | This is a verified review
Highly Recommend!

"When we first met Will, we were impressed with his portfolio and just had "a good feeling" that he would work with us well and get the most natural expressions from us for our wedding photos. We knew in a heartbeat when we first saw our engagement photos that we had made just the right choice. Our wedding photos are so special because of Will's vision and experience in knowing exactly what scenes to photograph and how to make us feel at ease. Needless to say, our photos are exquisite and the beautiful memories will last a lifetime. Will is extremely responsive and was very patient with us throughout the whole wedding and even afterwards when we were trying to decide what photos to include in our album. His photography is so beautiful that it makes it very difficult to choose which photos to include in the album. Thank you to Will and his wife for making this day so special to us forever."

May 26, 2016 | This is a verified review
Highly Recommend!

"We are so thankful for William Walker Photography on our special day. The photos that he and his wife captured of our wedding were beyond amazing. I still look at them frequently and relive that day through the photographs. He made every individual feel relaxed and comfortable in front of the cameras. Highly recommended!!"

May 25, 2016 | This is a verified review
Highly Recommend!

"Will was AMAZING! We would highly recommend him. He did a great job capturing what we wanted and more. I am so grateful he was able to capture our day so well so that we can experience it over and over through photos. He is incredibly nice and so easy to work with. "

April 21, 2016 | This is a verified review
Highly Recommend!

"Bill was great to work with on what is definitely a stressful day. He made sure to get the pictures we would want later even though we didn't know it :) He is a real pro who's calm demeanor helped put us, and our families, at ease."

November 30, 2014 | This is a verified review
Highly Recommend!

"Will and his wife Jessica were so much fun to work with! Our guests were so impressed with how well they fit in with the crowd the day of and really got right in the action to capture the fun. We love the pictures. Will was fantastic to work with and I have recommended him to many others."

June 14, 2014 | This is a verified review
Highly Recommend!

"William Walker is a friend of mine that I have known since we were kids. When he said he would photograph our wedding and engagement photos I was so happy! We had SO many compliments on our pictures and how amazing he is! I have recommended him to every friend of mine who has gotten engaged since. He is reasonably priced and will capture your wedding in ways you never thought imaginable! "

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