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    In 2006, I graduated from the University of Virginia, receiving a Masters in Elementary Education and Bachelors in Studio Art. While at UVA, I studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. There, I took jewelry design classes and fell in love with the process of creating jewelry. I use semi-precious stones, sterling silver, organic forms, textures, glass, freshwater pearls, wood, and unique materials to create my jewelry. These materials help to create jewelry, which is classic but also modern and unique. I am inspired everyday – not only by jewelry but also by the world around me. I like change…not only talking about change, but actually doing it. I like exposed wooden beams. Red brick under plaster. Glass globes. Woodcuts. Letterpress stationery. Pink lady apples. Down comforters and soft pillows. Converse. Riding in a car. The Post Office. The right stamp for the right letter. Looking up. Grilled cheese and old cotton t-shirts. Baby lotions. Eccentric, goofy, and humble people. Cracker jack prizes. Tight socks around the ankle. Corduroy. Stone and stucco. Sharpies. Riojas. Hidden pockets. The names of paint colors. Layering. Slate and concrete counters. Cajun shrimp toenail polish. Owls and the rings on tree stumps intrigue me. Exact change. Discovering cellars and basements. The idea of living in a lighthouse. Renovations and additions in my life. The process. Looking forward to evenings. Burlap and raffia. Docks. Embroidery. White and denim. Lockets. A series of four Black and white pictures from photo booths. Peeling paint off wood layer by layer and peeling dried salt off skin after a day at the ocean. Old diners and bakeries with glass cake plates housing layer cakes. And, of course, I love jewelry.

    206 East Market, Charlottesville, VA 22902
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