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    AnnaSummer & Massie Chic Outdoor Wedding at Stunning Estate

    September 13, 2013 at Keswick Vineyards

    Wedding Details

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    Oh how we love it when our lovely brides send their special day our way, and when a wedding is as gorgeous as AnnaSummer & Massie's, we can't hide it from the world any longer! This gem just goes to further show how absolutely magical Charlottesville can be, and when you have a backdrop as lovely as Keswick Vineyards, it only becomes that much better. Jaws dropped and eyes gazed as AnnaSummer walked down the aisle, and she was quite the sight! Together, she & Massie are just as stunning as they come, and we are just beside ourselves as we gawk at all this wedding goodness. Aaron Watson Photography captured this day so perfectly, and we could not be any more giddy with the results. Congrats to our stunning bride & groom, AnnaSummer & Massie!

    The Couple


    Massie grew up in Nelson County, Virginia. He is an artist. He has degrees in fine arts and sequential art and design (aka comic books). Massie's first passion in life is heavy metal, and he is in a band called Nekrist with his twin brother which hails from Richmond, VA and is now a fixture in Austin, TX. Massie is also a beer aficionado, and has tried his hand at both growing hops in Nelson County and brewing his own beer.


    I grew up in Arlington, Virginia, and went to nursing school in Richmond, Va. When I'm not at work being a nurse, I am doing any variety of fun things around Austin, TX. I am a dog park junkie, an avid reader, and lover of all things beautiful. I love fashion and design, architecture, and being outside in the sun. I am old-fashioned in that I love writing letters and keeping up with friends through snail mail.


    Massie & I met in 2004 in Richmond, VA. I moved next door to his twin brother, and Massie was in town visiting for the summer, while on break from art school in Savannah, GA. It was love at first sight. We decided to move to Austin together in 2009, and have been here ever since, although both of our hearts are proudly in Virginia. Massie & I are polar opposites in many ways, although we are both goofballs at heart, and are usually laughing together.

    Our Love Story

    When I first pulled up in front of my new row house on Floyd Avenue in Richmond, I was all alone with a moving van full of furniture. Massie was on the front porch playing his guitar (shirtless), and I just knew that I could get him to move my stuff to my second floor apartment. I was right. That day I told my roommate that I would be dating Massie for a very long time. Flash forward to 9 years later, and I decided it was time to get married. There was not a traditional engagement. Instead, I asked Massie if he would show up to a wedding if I planned it. HE SAID YES!! Our friends and families all loved our save the dates, which fittingly said, "He said Yes" and "True Story". The dynamic of our relationship has always worked...I am a planner and organizer, while Massie goes with the flow and keeps me from getting ahead of myself. We chose to get married on Friday the 13th for a few reasons. First, 13 is my grandmother's lucky number. Second, I have notoriously bad luck with traveling. Third, it seemed to just fit with the fact that he is in a metal band.


    Due to Massie's love of all things beer-related, I decided to incorporate hops into our floral design. The boutonnieres were made of hops that were imported from Vermont, and they were a huge hit.

    It is a tradition in my family that the women make homemade cookies. My mother made traditional Polish and Hungarian pastries, which were incorporated into the dessert table. We also had a cake just for the cutting ceremony, a variety of cupcakes, and homemade candy by the Candy Drawer Confectionary. Needless to say, I have a sweet tooth, and the dessert table was probably one of my favorite parts of the reception.

    It was very important for us to write our own vows. We were surprised at how much our guests loved this. Our wedding reading was a passage written by Bob Marley.

    One of our friends is a cigar distributor, so our guests enjoyed the cigar bar that was actually a surprise wedding gift to us.

    Massie designed the chalk board in the lawn games area. And our friends enjoyed playing Cornhole and Bocce Ball while listening to live flamenco and drinking peach old-fashion's.

    Our play list for the DJ was definitely unique. We blended rock n roll for Massie with 90's hip hop for Anna. We cut our cake to "My Pony" by Ginuwine and the last song was "I wanna grow old with you" by Adam Sandler. Our friends and family enjoyed a formal dinner followed by the best dance party ever.

    What's Next

    For now we are enjoying being newlyweds, and trying to decide where to start our family. We know we will end up back in Virginia eventually. Until then, both of us are concentrating on building our careers and caring for our new puppy, Benjamin.

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