Katie & Paul Colorful Country Wedding in Charlottesville

    September 14, 2013 at Montfair Resort Farm

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    It's not every day that you see a wedding centered around the outdoors, but Katie and Paul knew they couldn't come to Charlottesville without having a little outdoor, summer fun! Thanks to Love Struck Images for capturing these photos that are full of life, we feel like we were apart of this beautiful celebration! Montfair Resort Farm is the perfect venue for you outdoor-loving brides, who want a romantic stroll through the back woods, like our sweet couple here. We simply cannot get over the lovely shots of these two lovebirds walking around the grounds with gorgeous sunlight streaming through the trees. And while you're at it, don't forget to check out all the stunning DIY touches that Katie created, starting with the unique table centerpieces full of handcrafted flower arrangements and charming little details. Sending our endless congrats to you, Katie and Paul!

    From Montfair....

    Paul and Katie's idea of a wedding was something much more casual than what most of the venues in their hometown of DC have to offer. They wanted their families to be together and comfortable.They also wanted friends to be able to camp and really hang out. So, when they first arrived at Montfair for a tour, the venue immediately spoke to them. At this moment, Katie began envisioning their families enjoying themselves here. And her vision came to light during their wedding weekend; between dancing, fishing, and hanging out, their wedding brought friends and family together through love and laughter. The evening lakeside bonfires ended up being Katie's favorite part of the whole weekend - besides getting married of course!
    By speaking to their casual sides but making sure to add a big splash of class and elegance, Paul & Katie were able to create a wedding that their guests enjoyed as much as they did.

    The Couple


    Paul is an accountant in Alexandria VA. He enjoys spending time with our dog and fixing up our little house in his spare time. Paul is also the vice president of the Old Dominion Boat Club in Old Town Alexandria. We don't own a boat yet but hope to one day ;).


    I am a wedding photographer in the DC area. I live and breathe weddings up here in DC. Literally, it's all I do. I love my job. But I have to say I think it made things harder! I've been to sooooo many weddings and worked at so many awesome venues. But I wanted our wedding to not feel like one I had worked, which is one of the reasons we decided to go outside the DC area.

    Our Love Story

    Paul and I actually met at a wedding. Don't worry - I wasn't working! He was a groomsman, and I was a bridesmaid. My cousin was quite surprised when she came back from her honeymoon to find me completely smitten with one of her new husband's best friends. My cousin and her husband were bridal party in our wedding as well. Paul and I fell in love very quickly. I remember sitting on my back porch just a few short weeks after we had met and realizing I was totally in love with Paul. I kept telling myself it wasn't possible yet. I felt that it just couldn't happen so fast. Well, it did, and it does. And as cliche as it is - you just know. I kept the secret of being in love with Paul for a few days (worst secret keeper ever) and was trying to figure out a romantic way to tell him. Instead, I got too excited and blurted it out while we were sitting on my couch playing Rummy...Thank goodness he felt the same way!! Six months after we started dating, we decided to buy a house together. Neither of our parents questioned our decision much - although my girlfriends did! But it obviously all worked out. We had been together for almost 5 years when Paul FINALLY proposed two days after Christmas:)


    Testing and making some of the desserts was really fun. We also hand stitched all of our table numbers and pulled together our centerpieces here at home. Our centerpieces were vintage cameras that I collect and display in my office as well as vintage bottles that I collected on weekends with my dad from flea markets. We painted tons of signs and had tons of fun getting all of the vintage family pictures together for our 'family tree'. It was the first time both of us had really looked at those old photos of each other's families. We got our flowers in buckets and created our own arrangements. Bev at Blue Heron Farm was awesome to work with, and you can see where your flowers come from on her gorgeous farm! For favors we ordered beer (Paul's) and wine glasses (Katie's) and each choose our own designs. They were a huge hit! Paul's biggest DIY was to make the large lighted P & K that sat over the fireplace near our table.

    What's Next

    The most exciting thing since the wedding is that we are planning our honeymoon. Because I am a wedding photographer and we got married in September, we couldn't go away right away. Paul had a conference, I had lots of wedding to photograph. So we decided to go on a nice long trip next year. In March, we will be heading over to Europe for 3 weeks. It will be the first trip to Europe for both of us and we couldn't be more excited!

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