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    Winter & Shenandoah Valley Dreamy Winter Whites in the Shenandoah Valley

    March 18, 2014 at Gaie Lea

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    Setting Gardens
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    When Sera Petras Photography sent this gem our way, it was love at first sight. But honestly, how can you feel any differently when she is behind the camera, because every piece she produces is just full of wedding goodness. Paired with the stunning backdrop of Gaie Lea, and this styled shoot is just so perfectly romantic in all the best ways. Juliette is an absolute sight in that those gorgeous gowns and beautiful blooms from Honey Bee's Florist in hand. Ladies, we are so thrilled to showcase some of Staunton's finest, and we think you'll be in love with the results! Happy viewing!

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    Vendors Featured In This Wedding

    Gaie Lea in Charlottesville
    Gaie Lea Becky Breeding Gardens
    Honey Bee's Florist in US
    Honey Bee's Florist Melissa Florists

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