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    Lisa & Nick Elegance & Fun at Pinstripes Bowling Alley

    June 20, 2015 at Pinstripes

    Wedding Details

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    Why This Wedding Earned a Blue Ribbon

    The Champion Breeds

    • There's a reason why a classic wedding staple is a classic wedding staple. Case in point: that rose bouquet.
    • From pink to peach to bridal white, the soft tonal shifts in these frocks are giving us a sweet and romantic fashion vibe.
    • Kids in Chucks. Because well, they're kids in Chucks.
    • We thought a bowling alley couldn't be chic, but these shots captured by Michelle Cox Photography prove that we were so, so wrong.
    • That gorgeous gold leaf detail on the cake. We would never even attempt to eat such a gorgeous confection.
    • I mean, if you're going to celebrate at a bowling alley, why would not bowl?

    The Bumper Crops

    • Flowing bridal curls. Swept-up locks are beautiful, but the tumbling tresses of our bride have us feeling the romance.
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