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    Crystal & Kyle Sweet Outdoor Wedding on the Coast of Maine

    June 14, 2014 at Inn at Ocean's Edge

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    Some weddings personify the sheer elegance and beauty of Coastal Maine to perfection, and it's these kinds of celebrations that pull at every single one of my heartstrings. Between the waterfront views and layers of prettiness to uncover, there's no shortage of eye-candy from these weddings to sweeten up your day and send you into an absolute swoon-fest. And that's exactly what I am going to do today! Crystal & Kyle's wedding at the Inn at Ocean's Edge is full of nautical flair, from the boutonnieres for the boys to the palette of navy & white. Then there's the overwhelming emotion coming out of each and every picture from Russell Caron Wedding Photography that is to die for. With so much beauty to find in each moment throughout the day, it's impossible to leave this gallery of photos anything but smitten with Crystal & Kyle and everything about this June afternoon! Xoxo.

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