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    Lisa & Tony Yellow Lodge Wedding in Denver

    September 20, 2014 at Lower Lake Ranch

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    I have a serious obsession with Colorado weddings, and when they happen to highlight and frame the natural beauty of the region like Lisa & Tony's, my heart goes out of control. All the prettiness of Lower Lake Ranch paired with yellow & grey tones, a rustic decoration scheme, and a gorgeous bride and her dashing groom, what's not to love? Lisa & Tony know how to throw a good party, and it's oh so evident in all these images from Randall Olsson Photography. Let's just say I'm pretty sure the guests were on the dance floor all night long! Enjoy. Xoxo.

    The Couple


    Tony was raised in Greeley and went to Colorado State University. He loves bacon and football, and comes from a cattle farming family.


    Lisa grew up in Boulder and went to University of Colorado Denver. She is a vegetarian and a 'Boulder hippie,' as Tony would say.


    Tony and Lisa are HUGE Broncos fans. They love going to games together. They try to make it to all the home games, and one away game each year! Outside of the Broncos, they like getting outdoors with their dog, Abby, for runs and hikes. They love traveling to as many fun places around the world as possible!

    Our Love Story

    This couple works for the same company. They met when Lisa got transferred into Tony's previous job, so they spent time together training- and the rest is history! They started dating a few months after they met, and call New Year's Eve the day they officially started dating. The next New Year's Eve was their first 'I love you', and the next New Year's Eve, Tony proposed.


    The couple made an 'Inspiration Board' with pictures of all the parents and grandparents from their wedding day, or around the time they were married. Lisa said, "We are fortunate to have all long and happy marriages in our family and wanted to celebrate that."

    Lower Lake Ranch in Denver
    Wedding Venue Lower Lake Ranch
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