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    Megan & Patrick Urban Formal in Downtown Denver

    April 5, 2014 at History Colorado Center

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    We are just beside ourselves with excitement for our new Denver market! There is just something oh-so-lovely about Colorado, and we can't wait to explore it more. Megan & Patrick give us a delightful taste of all The Mile High City has to offer, and our hearts are just pouring with joy and happiness. This couple made the absolute most of their day with a little pampering, a charming first look, some of the coolest couple photos we ever did see, and pops of pink sprinkled throughout. A special thank you to Elevate Photography for sharing the gorgeous couple & their day with us. It is an honor to inspire you with this wedding today! xo

    From Jo of Elevate Photography....

    After my urban adventure engagement session with Megan & Patrick, I knew that their wedding was going to be so fun. They picked the coolest location – a wedding venue. It had so many perfect spots for photos in walking distance, and the venue itself has such beautiful architecture; it was just a dream to shoot in. The guys started out the day shooting BB guns while the girls got their makeup done at the Cherry Creek Mall – how appropriate! One of my favorite details at the ceremony was the custom cocktail sign with photos of their pups :) To Megan & Patrick, any couple who trusts taking photos in a dirty ally on their wedding day are AWESOME in my book!

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