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Key West Wedding Trend: Starfish
Photo, Care Studios

It is not very difficult to land on Key West as the perfect beach wedding destination. South Florida provides desirable warmth and sunshine year-round. But now that you have chosen your location, what will your Key West wedding look like? Wedding decor can go a lot of different ways. There is the very classic fancy wedding, the trendy rustic-chic affair, the beachy casual exchanging of vows and many more, but in all of these types of beach weddings, we are finding a common trend. Our beach bride is weaving the starfish into all aspects of her special day.

Legend has it that starfish are stars that have fallen from the night sky into the ocean. If cut in half, a starfish will develop into two new starfish. Because of this quality, the ocean-dweller is a symbol of rebirth. Appropriate for your wedding day, starfish also represent teamwork and equality. Each of a starfish's limbs must work in unison to benefit the entire creature.

Keep your beach theme going with meaningful starfish from start to finish on your wedding day...

Bouquets & Boutonnieres

Spice up classic wedding flowers with these five-limbed sea stars!

Ceremony Decor

Starfish are right at home in the sand by the seashore, and they are a great way to inexpensively add decorative touches to your wedding ceremony.

Reception Decor

Bring the beach back to your reception by incorporating starfish into your table arrangements and place settings.

Wedding Cake

Add a little pizzazz to your wedding cake with these little ocean treasures.

. . . . .

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