Destination Wedding Studio

    Destination Wedding Studio in Florida Keys

    Over the years we here at the Destination Wedding Studio have seen that it is truly in the shared and unrepeatable moments found at the intersection of two lives coming together as one, where love is undeniably and inextricably found.

    It is floating in the air as a father and his little girl dance for what feels like the very last time, felt in every embrace-squeeze and kiss-between old and new friends, witnessed by all when her 'soon-to-be' sees his 'one day' through eyes that have, until that very moment, never really been open.
    Love - is the essence breathed in and out of every wedding story.

    At DWS, we begin with your unique love story, coupled with your dreams, and then side-by-side, we work to weave those worlds together to create a magical wedding celebration you will never forget!

    "While others may take care of the event, you need someone to watch over your Heart."

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