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    Tanisha & Kermit Stunning Hampton Roads Bash

    October 24, 2015 at Private Residence

    Wedding Details

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    Why This Wedding Earned a Michelin Star

    The Main Course

    • Jewel-toned bouquets add modern, eye-catching flair to this fairytale-esque celebration.
    • Mismatched 'maids. Seriously, the bridesmaids themselves are even prettier than the bouquets they're toting.
    • Sparkly Kate Spade heels. Four better words have never been spoken.
    • That retro bicycle turned fabulous wedding sign!
    • And a carriage arrival? These two pulled out all the stops, y'all.
    • Glamour in gold and bold fuchsia at the reception takes this storybook romance a whole new level of pretty.

    The Menu

    • Main Players: Tanisha & Kermit
    • Wedding Date & Venue: October 24, 2015 at bride's family home
    • Theme/Inspiration: glam fairytale; a lush palette of bright pink and gold; all designed and styled by Kelsey Anne Events.
    • Behind the Camera: Angie McPherson Photography
    • Dress Deets: sleeveless fit-and-flare gown with lace details; from Elegance By Roya.
    • Fleurs: roses, lilies, mixed greenery; cascading bouquet filled with lilies, roses, and various blooms for the bride; centerpieces bursting with lilies, mixed greenery, and white and pink blooms; all by Carol Phillips and Jeff's Flowers, Of Course!.
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