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    Sarah & Jason Cheerful & Laid-Back Maui Beach Wedding

    October 4, 2013 at DT Fleming Beach Park

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    So sweet. My goodness! Does Hawaii get more romantic than this? Sarah & Jason had a very intimate ceremony on the shores of DT Fleming Beach Park, and they made the most of the privacy they found on these sandy shores. Groom with a ukulele? Yes. We love it! And a bride with a bouquet as happy as the sun. Karma Hill Photography did a beautiful job of capturing the true love between these two, personality and all. We could not be more pleased! So get in your island mindset, and enjoy this sandy stunner.

    From the photographer....

    Weddings are always happy occasions, but Sarah and Jason's ceremony at DT Fleming Beach in West Maui was exceptionally joyful. We knew it was a good sign when Sarah ordered a bright yellow bouquet — just looking at these cheerful flowers makes you want to smile. Jason learned how to play the ukulele, so he could serenade Sarah on their wedding day. Apparently, he had been practicing for months every night as Sarah was falling asleep. So romantic, we love it! They were joined on the beach by a small party of loved ones who watched the ceremony with smiles on their faces, holding hands, and wiping a few good tears away. Once all of the vows were said, we ran down the beach with the newlyweds - playing in the waves and giving piggy back rides! Sarah and Jason, you two were so much fun to photograph, and we are so happy for you. Congratulations again & thank you for choosing Simple Maui Wedding!

    DT Fleming Beach Park in Hawaii
    Wedding Venue DT Fleming Beach Park
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