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    Eileen & Teddy Timeless Outdoor Wedding at Alder Manor

    August 11, 2012 at Alder Manor

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    I for one simply adore vintage-inspired Hudson Valley weddings, and this one from Cappy Hotchkiss Photography may just be our very favorite yet. Drenched in the most beautiful combination of peaches and blues, Eileen & Teddy's soirée is doused in the prettiest details, and it feels like this day came straight from the Tuscan countryside rather than the East Coast. And this venue? Alder Manor is a historic home that while crumbling in many places, just adds to the allure of it all. It's simply breathtaking at each and every turn. Top is all off with lush florals, a cap-sleeve gown out of our very best wedding dreams, and a reception fit for royalty, and you have truly the most perfect of days.

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    Cappy Hotchkiss Photography in Hudson Valley
    Cappy Hotchkiss Photography Cappy Hotchkiss Photographers

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