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    Jennifer & Chris Eclectic Barn Wedding in the Catskill Mountains

    June 28, 2014 at The Kaaterskill
    Photo: JBM Weddings

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    Setting Farms & Barns
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    Weddings in the Hudson Valley always hit another level of beauty, so we always jump (high!) at the chance to share one with you. Enter this stunner from Elite Wedding and Event Planning. Oodles of inspiration and love can be found in every square inch of this day and these photos from JBM Weddings are just as gorgeous as they come. Think a couple who loves to travel, a beautiful tribute to Jennifer's mother, Chris' custom designed vintage records doubling as escort cards and wedding keepsakes, portraits by the The Kaaterskill lake, guests dining on vintage china, a bride who can rock adorable mint heels and cowboy boots, and a cake topper to rival them all. Congrats Jennifer & Chris! Thanks for letting us enjoy your day!

    From the wedding planner...

    Their inspiration was their love for the Hudson Valley and vision to have an Upstate destination wedding. The Kaaterskill Inn provided everything Jennifer & Chris were looking for. Their vision of the perfect wedding was to find a place they could have a weekend long affair outside of the City. A simple Friday night rehearsal dinner with a gathering of a few friends and family members topped off with a bonfire, a beautiful country barn wedding on Saturday and a relaxing simple brunch on Sunday before they headed back to City life was just what they were looking for!

    Our Love Story

    Jennifer & Chris met on December 9, 2005 at the now defunct Cellar Bar in the East Village. Though Jennifer had worked with a mutual friend of Chris's for months, it was not until that fateful night that they finally crossed paths. Bonding over a shared love of the Karate Kid, the two hit it off instantly and spent the entire night talking to each other.

    Jennifer & Chris went on their first date just over a week later on December 19, 2005, the night before Jennifer went home to New Mexico for Christmas. Following Jennifer's return to New York two weeks later, the couple began to see each other rather frequently, quickly becoming an item.

    In March of 2007, Jennifer & Chris moved into their two-bedroom apartment in Astoria where they have resided since. They have taken numerous trips together, including a 24-hour train ride to Orlando to visit Universal Studios; a 15-hour car ride to Lollapalooza in Chicago (where they both almost suffocated during Iggy & The Stooges' performance); a two-week trip to Europe where they backpacked across Paris, Amsterdam, London and Glasgow; a wedding in Hawaii; and most recently, a return trip to London for the All Tomorrow's Parties music festival. They are both known to make each other laugh more than anyone else they know.

    On December 19, 2012, their seven-year anniversary, Chris proposed to Jennifer at the top of the Eiffel Tower Restaurant in Las Vegas.

    Just over a year later, with their closest friends and family present, they exchanged vows and celebrated their love. It's been happily ever after since then!


    The bride & groom put so many special personal touches on their wedding. Jen incorporated some of her mother's beautiful broaches into her bouquet in memory of her mother. Some of the broaches were from the Joan Rivers's collection. Her mom was a big fan of Joan Rivers. Together the couple also created a short video of photos of Jen's mother and Jen, which was presented during the reception. The video also included a poem her mother had written for her which a friend of the couple's turned into a song. Chris designed record covers for vintage albums, which were personalized with each couple's table number and names. These were a unique alternative to escort cards and a personalize keepsake as well.

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