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Indianapolis Wedding Photographers Explain Their Styles

We've said it a million times: choosing a wedding photographer is one of the biggest decisions you'll make when planning your big day. Indianapolis wedding photographers vary greatly between each other, each specializing in their own "brand" of wedding photographer. Before you make a decision on a photographer & sign on the dotted line of the contract, it's important to understand just what it is you're looking for.

In an effort to help you understand some of the characteristics of the different photography styles, we've reached out to a few of our favorite local wedding photographers and asked them to describe their style. But first, a word from Kirstin of Kristin Hornberger Photography about the importance of your wedding photos:

"What do you have left to remember your wedding day by? You have your marriage, your rings, many memories, and the photographs. It is your choice on how you choose to display and honor those pictures. Your photos will live on, bringing joy to you and future generations as you relive the magic of your day. I focus on the details, emotions, and people who shared your day with you! We want our brides and grooms to cherish their photographs and albums as art and family heirlooms that they can share with generations to come."

Enjoy these stunning, emotionally charged images captured by Kristin Hornbeger Photography.

Traditional Wedding Photography

Traditional wedding photography is just that: classic and traditional. Open your parents' and grandparents' wedding albums, and most likely, it is traditional wedding photographs that will greet you. The best thing about traditional photography is that the images remain timeless. There is very little post-production editing & most will feature you, your groom, and your wedding party in posed, formal images. The photographer is usually very hands-on while snapping images, directing you & yours into proper posing. This style is usually appreciated by older generations, and today more & more brides prefer their traditional wedding photos mixed in with a little bit of the other styles.

Jennifer of Jennifer Driscoll Photography gives us some insight about what many Indianapolis brides are requesting in terms of photography styles. She says, "My style is a wonderful blend of classic portraiture and true photojournalism. Over a decade of photographing weddings I've found my brides do place great value on having excellent classic portraits as well as family pictures, but they also appreciate the spontaneous and emotive pictures that are such a wonderful part of a wedding day."

We found that Kristen Hornberger takes a similar approach: "I blend a photojournalistic style with a little traditional/classic style with an emphasis on composition, lighting, and background. I place subjects together in an interesting environment and encourage them to relax and interact. I give some direction, but want them to be relaxed as well to then smile, be themselves, and enjoy the day with the people they love."

Below, images from Jennifer Driscoll Photography.

Photojournalistic Wedding Photography

A very popular photography trend lately is documentary or photojournalistic wedding photography. As the name implies, photographers who prefer this style take a more hands-off approach and document the day as it naturally unfolds. In a primarily photojournalistic style, you will notice many more candid images, and we've heard many brides say of their documentary wedding photographers that they barely noticed they were there! While some brides fear that the results of this style is much less predictable, we find that these images tend to be much more emotionally charged. These are the kinds of images you'll open twenty years from now and be transported instantly back to the day of your wedding, feeling the same feelings, even smelling the same scents...

Ian Borgerhoff Photography tells us, "Photojournalism, in its purest form, is when your photographer has absolutely no input as to how the day unfolds but only captures moments as the day unfolds. My style is a hybrid of photojournalism and art photography. The advantage of a bride who likes the photojournalism style is that we capture more real moments versus contrived situations; we document your day versus dictating what you must do. The level of stress is inherently lower because your main focus is your interaction with your wedding party, friends, and family - not what your photographer wants you to do."

Jennifer Driscoll says she loves "documenting weddings organically - stepping in occasionally to gently choreograph large groups or a shy couple. I have always felt mastering the psychology of working with large groups as well as in more intimate settings is truly the most important element of being a wedding photographer. You can take amazing pictures, but having your clients look back and smile, remembering the fun they had while being photographed, is creating an honest representation of what is truly one of the happiest days!"

Similarly, Kristin Hornberger tells us she captures "some of the spontaneity of candid photos while offering the technical control of posed shots. I am capturing events as they unfold in order to tell the story of your wedding and fade into the background when I can, but there are times that need direction and a keen eye to capture the photograph and vision you would like."

Below, a stunning photojournalistic wedding image from Ian Borgerhoff Photography.

Contemporary Wedding Photography

We adore the explanation of contemporary wedding photography we received when asking Sara Ackerman Photography to describe her style: "When thinking of a style that best represents Sara Ackermann Photography, I have to say that contemporary sums it up. My style is current without being trendy. I don't fuss with the newest fads, instead I rely on my fine arts education to create gorgeous photos that boast true to today's current and timeless style and likings of pretty, well-lit photos with stunning color and compelling composition. This allows me to connect personally with couples' once-in-a-lifetime moments and, as I always say, offer a selection of photos that are cherished and understood by both the bride and her mother."

A few of our favorite photos from Sara Ackermann...

    Always remember that your wedding pictures should reflect your style, and you should be able to really click with Indianapolis wedding photographers and love - love - their style. So take your time, browse our Indianapolis weddings, and when you find a photographer whose images simply take your breath away, reach out.

    We can't wait to see your wedding album!

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