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    Chelsea & John Winter-Inspired Rustic Glamour

    December 6, 2015 at Mustard Seed Gardens
    Photo: Ivan & Louise

    Wedding Details

    Setting Farms & Barns
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    Why This Wedding Made the Honor Roll

    The Straight A’s

    • Those bouts.
    • That bouquet! I flipped when I spotted those fantastic feather accents.
    • Lace bridal booties? This bride and I could be besties.
    • Hot damn—check out her fur jacket, too. She's killing it in the style department, guys.
    • Portraits at twilight.
    • The theme of rustic elegance meets winter that's woven throughout the stunning reception.
    • Ehem. That cake. The bride dreamed of bringing the beauty of the outdoors inside on her big day—she accomplished that in spades.

    The Report Card

    • Main Players: Chelsea & John
    • Wedding Date & Venue: December 6, 2015 at Mustard Seed Gardens
    • Theme/Inspiration: rustic glamour; winter; nature brought indoors.
    • Behind the Camera: Ivan & Louise
    • Dress Deets: ballroom gown with ruffled skirt and sweetheart neckline; from David's Bridal.
    • Fleurs: bouquet of pine sprigs, blue thistle, roses, and feathers for the bride; pine sprigs, thistle, and brunia for the bouts; tall glass vases filled with pine cones and topped with bouquets of roses, pine sprigs, thistle, and brunia for the centerpieces; all designed by Gassafy Ft. Wayne.
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