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4 Ways Kansas City Wedding Planners Save Brides Money

Did you know that almost every couple who decides to plan their wedding without help from a professional wedding planner end up going over their budget by hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of dollars? Sadly, we aren't pulling your leg. Many brides and grooms really do often find themselves in a bit of a financial mess because it's so darn difficult to keep the budget and big picture in mind when there are unwanted opinions coming from every angle, an inundation of Pinterest details constantly coming in, and daily schedules to keep while trying to scout out of the best deals for their dollars. It may seem crazy, but hiring one of the many talented Kansas City wedding planners to guide your through all of the madness is actually an excellent way to save money in the long rung and stay on course with what the budget allows.

Wedding planners really are an investment that can rack up return benefits. To see just a few of the countless ways that wedding planners can help brides save money on their Kansas City weddings, keep scrolling!

They Know Where To Go/Who To Contact For The Best Deals

You know the saying, "It's all about who you know"? In the world of Kansas City weddings, that old wisdom plays a pivotal role in how much you'll ultimately spend on your big day. Knowing the right people is key to scoring great deals when you need them, knowing which vendors and what venue is the right fit, and much, much more. As an outsider who knows very little about the inner workings of the business and who doesn't have much, if any, experience working with the professionals who make events happen, simply put, you just don't have the know-how. Professional planners, on the other hand, know exactly who's who among all the experts in the area. Whether it's because they're familiar with the florist who has exactly the aesthetic you're looking for or it's a caterer she often refers brides to and gets a "thank-you" discount from, these folks know the local wedding industry like the back of their hands. It pays - literally - to have one of these "insiders" on your side.

Seriously, you'd be amazed what kind of money-saving magic Kansas City wedding planners can conjure up when you're a bride-to-be in a tight spot!

They Are Pros At Contracts & Negotiating

In addition to knowing where to score great deals, local wedding planners also know a thing or two (or twenty) about how to pick apart wedding vendor contracts and negotiate special rates and perks for their couples. Unless you're skilled in legal jargon, it won't be quite so easy for you to know when a fine print detail could end up costing you a lot more money than you anticipated or to know when to pick just the right moment to ask (or be able to use your professional pull) for something special, such as more hours at the venue at a cheaper rate or complimentary usage of rentals. With a planner by your side, you don't have to worry about these details at all — they've got you covered from the moment you hire them.

They Know All The Money-Saving Tricks Of The Trade

Perhaps the best way that planners can save brides money is by using their experience to help brides make decisions that are cost effective. For example, a skilled planner may encourage a bride with a really tight budget to host a wedding earlier in the day, which cuts down tremendously on catering and some vendor costs. In other situations, a planner might advise a bride to use flowers that are less trendy so they can save hundreds on her bouquets. These wedding tips and hundreds more are just a few ways that wedding planners are great at cluing you in on where surprising fees really rack up and how to take the best route for your personal budget.

They Effortlessly Bring Together The Budget & The Big Picture

As we mentioned above, couples have a seriously difficult time staying within budget while wedding planning. One of the major reasons this happens is because couples often lose sight of the big picture when divvying up their budget and making purchases, which is easy to do when you aren't familiar with how much the services you need typically cost. This is where planners come into play — they know all about breaking down your budget in the right ways so that it's possible to bring your wedding day vision to life without breaking the bank. This is due to their past experience and their familiarity with knowing when to spend and where to save. When it's your big day, it's hard to pull yourself away like a professional and take a good, hard look at whether or not those gorgeous but expensive lanterns are all that important to bringing your dream day to life in the way that you've imagined. Thankfully, wedding planners don't have the same emotional attachment, which makes it easy for them to help keep you on track and within your set sending limit.

Now, brides-to-be, remember that these examples are just a snippet of the innumerable ways that local wedding planners can help you save big on your big day. You'd be amazed at all the tricks they have up their sleeves!

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