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Wedding Planning Tips from 4 Kansas City Planners

The experience of planning a wedding in Kansas City is many different things to many different brides. For some, their memories of putting together their big day are full of fabulous good times. For others, wedding planning was nothing but a stressful nightmare. For most brides, it's likely a combination of those two extremes. While we hate to be the bearers of bad news, every step from "yes!" to "I do" may not always be as magical and as exciting as you've always envisioned. But, your wedding journey doesn't have to be this way...

Intrigued? Fantastic! Now, don't get us wrong, we don't like torturing your curious side. Instead, we're thrilled to be able to share that there are lots of ways that you can keep your Kansas City wedding plans from turning into a whirlwind of mistakes, unnecessary stress, and/or a long list of wishes and would-haves. How can this be accomplished? It's simple... with good advice. Not advice from just any ol' person, but advice from wedding pros who know a thing or two (or twenty) about avoiding the pitfalls of wedding planning. Luckily for you, we knew exactly who to contact to make this sort of knowledge available to you: three smart and super-talented Kansas City wedding planners: Simply Modish Wedding & Event Planning, Events by Elle, and Come Join Us, LLC, who graciously spoke with us to share their best advice for Kansas City brides-to-be. So without further delay (we know your anticipation is sky high at this point), let's get down to business and jump right into their winning wedding planning tips for everything from staying clear of stress to really enjoying your special day!

Tips for Avoiding Stress

"Just breathe. Planning a wedding is stressful, whether you have a team of people helping or you are doing it alone; you have to breathe," says Lucia of Come Join Us, LLC. "Don’t let your to-do list overwhelm you. Take it one day at a time. Everything will get done."

Lucia also suggests that you: "Take time for yourselves the week of the wedding. When couples hire me, I take control of all the vendors two weeks out; that means if vendors have issues they call me instead of the bride. I want the focus of the bride and groom to be on each other, not the details and moving parts of their big day. My gift to the couple is a gift card to a restaurant, movie, or some other fun event so they can go on a date."

"When planning an outdoor wedding, always make sure you have a backup plan in case of bad weather," explains Heather of Simply Modish Wedding & Event Planning. "Renting a large tent or having the option to move your wedding indoors are highly recommended options to consider when planning an outdoor wedding."

Tips for Making It Your Day

When it comes to your Kansas City wedding, every single friend and family member you have will be lining up to share their opinions about your wedding. The ladies at Events by Elle say to put the thoughts of others in perspective: "Remember whose day it is! Every Tom, Dick, and Harry will know exactly what you should and shouldn’t do on YOUR wedding day. Regardless of anyone’s opinion, remember this is about you and the person you are marrying."

"Traditions are important," says Lucia of Come Join Us, "but so is staying true to who you are as a couple. As a planner, I am the first person to suggest following traditions from your family, heritage, or faith. I am also huge on adding your personalities into your big day. I had one couple who at the end of the night wanted munchies like nachos, hotdogs, and wings; they knew their friends would want snacks later in the evening. It’s your wedding, let your style shine!"

Tips for Saving Money & Setting the Budget

"If you want to get the best deal when booking a wedding venue," says Heather Hicks of Simply Modish Wedding & Event Planning, "consider setting your wedding date on a day other than Saturday. Venues usually offer a discount during the week or on Sundays because they don't book as quickly. You could also consider having your wedding during off-peak season, which is January-March."

"Prepare a meal plan and don't forget meals for your vendors," urges Michelle and Jonnelle of Events by Elle. "An expense that often gets overlooked are extra meals for the vendors. Keep in mind that your photographer, wedding planner, and DJ are there for extended hours. You want them at the top of their game [so] make sure to include them at dinner. Many caterers have a discounted meal offered for vendors so make sure to discuss this during your 30-days-before-the-big-day meeting."

Simply Modish Wedding & Event Planning also suggests creating a priority list when setting your wedding budget: "When deciding how much to spend on each vendor, make a list of all the vendors in order of importance starting with #1 being the most important to you. Then, plan on spending the most money on your #1 pick and a little less on your second choice and so on. This will help you determine where each vendor fits into your budget and assure that you get the most out of your wedding day."

Tips for Including the Guys

"Communication is key, not only in planning but for the marriage... this is a no-brainer," shares Come Join Us. "As little girls we have dreamed of our big day. Guys... not so much. Include your fiancée in on the plans and delegate some responsibilities to him. You might be surprised what he comes up with!"

"Don’t leave Dad out! Dads often get overlooked during the wedding planning process until it comes to writing a check," lament the chief planners, Michelle and Jonnelle, at Events by Elle. "On your wedding day, after you have put your dress on, invite your dad in for a special moment with just the two of you. It will be a heartfelt moment he will cherish forever."

Tips for Truly Enjoying Your Wedding Day

"You hear it all the time, 'the day went by so quickly.' That statement is so true, so you have to take the time to look around on your big day," advises the planners at Come Join Us, LLC. "I suggest before the reception starts, while the guests are at the cocktail hour, go into the reception and look at all the hard work. Look at the table decorations, the cake, everything. Once you have soaked it in invite your guests to join you."

Lucia, head planner at Come Join Us, is a firm believer that your wedding day should be about your marriage and your bond with your spouse more than worrying if the cake looks perfect or if you chose the right paper for the programs. She sums up her thoughts by saying: "Cherish the time together. Remember, it’s not about the wedding day, it’s about the marriage."

We don't know about you, but there are definitely a few tips that we'll be storing away for the future. As the last token of wisdom suggests, above all, remember to focus on your marriage and the wedding plans will fall into place. We guarantee it.

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XO and many, many thanks to Simply Modish Wedding & Event Planning, Events by Elle, and Come Join Us, LLC for their fabulous contributions to this article!

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