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    Why get married in Kansas City

    From Laid-Back to Luxurious

    Kansas City has venues to match all types of wedding moods, so whether you want a modern space downtown, an industrial-chic event in an old warehouse, or a simple yet refined barn for a casual affair, you can find it here.

    Modern in the Midwest

    Kansas City has the best of both worlds: the mom-and-pop charm of a Midwestern town paired with the modern amenities you’d find in any big city. Find local character without sacrifice style or convenience in KC.

    BBQ, Baby!

    Is Kansas City’s world-famous barbecue enough to make you say “I do” here? Many would say yes, and we bet your guests’ tastebuds will agree. Slow-cooked meats and signature sauces are a serious pastime here, meant to be savored slowly with respect and admiration (just like your love).

    Feeling Fine on 18th & Vine

    The historic district where Kansas City earned its stripes as the epicenter of blues and jazz, the artful legacy of this late-night musical mecca — and the place where jam sessions were invented — has continued. Today, you’ll find music venues, art galleries, and award-winning chefs on every corner around the city.


    Kansas City has large seasonal temperature differences with frigid winters and hot, humid summers.


    Temperatures range from the mid 30s to low 70s.


    Hot and humid. High temperatures reach the lower 90s with lows in the mid 60s.


    Fall starts with in the upper 70s and ends with temps dipping into the low 40s.


    Winters are damp and cold with temperatures ranging from the low 30s to the teens.

    Most popular wedding styles in Kansas City

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    Plan Your Kansas City Wedding

    Your Wedding Ceremony

    Your wedding ceremony deserves to be as unique as you and your partner. So if you want to honor the city’s legacy by walking down the aisle to Kansas City ceremony musicians playing blues or jazz, by all means! And if you want to skip a few traditions during your vow exchange to keep it short and sweet, you should do that. Too often, we find that couples put off planning the ceremony until the last minute, resulting in uninspired ceremonies, and we don’t want that to happen to you. Don’t rest until you find a local wedding officiant who understands your vision and only walk down to the music that feels right to you. This is your day — make every moment meaningful.

    Officiants and Ceremony Musicians

    From the Borrowed & Blue Blog

    Your Wedding Reception

    The moment your guests step into your wedding venue, they’ll see all the hard work you’ve put in over the past few months. Give them something to talk about! Stun with gorgeous wedding flowers, a fun live band, and a great meal and late-night snacks from local caterers so they can stay on the dance floor all night long.

    Kansas City Reception Vendors

    From the Borrowed & Blue Blog

    Your Rehearsal Dinner

    The rehearsal dinner is when it'll really hit you — you’re getting married tomorrow! Fortunately, Kansas City has everything you need to make the meal memorable. Whether you’re more into a backyard KC BBQ buffet or a chic downtown dinner, your nearest and dearest will feel right at home at your intimate rehearsal dinner in Kansas City. You’ve got so many options to choose from!

    View More Rehearsal Dinners

    Your Farewell Brunch

    Just because you cut the cake and had a sparkler send-off doesn’t mean the celebrating has to be over! Wrap up the weekend with a farewell brunch at a local eatery, or have your caterers come back to prepare another incredible meal for you and your guests. The best part? You'll get to spend a little more time with loved ones before you depart for the honeymoon.

    Trust Us: Wake Up, Eat Here

    Wedding Welcome Bag

    Show your guests just how happy you are that they traveled for your big day by putting together a wedding welcome bag that will greet them at their hotel rooms upon their arrival. Stuff it with all your favorite local goodies — like your preferred brand of KC BBQ sauce — and things they can use to help them get the most out of their weekend in this fun city. Your guests will love the personalized touch.

    Wedding Favors

    A great place to work in special KC details is with your wedding favors. A locally inspired wedding favor says “thank you” and lets guests take home a little piece of Kansas City — and your wedding. From the barbecue to the local brews to the love of baseball, there’s so much to show off about this city, so get creative! We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite Kansas City wedding favor ideas to get you thinking.

    View Local Wedding Favor Ideas

    Guest Activities

    Kansas City has something for everyone. Between the rehearsal dinner and post-wedding brunch, guests will love trying new foods, checking out the museums, soaking up the music scene, and exploring the charming downtown. Let your guests know what your favorite things to do in Kansas City are so that they can see this awesome place through your eyes. In no time, your guests will love the area just as much as you do.

    Places to Visit

    Restaurant Recommendations

    Kansas City might be famous for its unique barbecue, but it's also home to more than a few James Beard-winning chefs. After you scope out some of the best BBQ joints in KC (and, some people might argue, the world), stop by Restaurant Row to see what else this city can plate up. Some of our favorites? The alfresco exercise in Mediterranean fare that you'll find at Aladdin Cafe, the unbelievable Pakistani samosas at Chai Shai, or the thoroughly epicurean experience you'll have at bluestem. For even more A-list choices, check out our compilation of tried-and-true Kansas City eateries listed below.

    Trust Us: Dine Here

    Accommodations Recommendations

    Make your trip planning even easier for your guests by suggesting a few great wedding accommodations. Give your friends and family a few different options — from a swanky hotel to a quaint bed and breakfast — so that they can choose the style that appeals most. And choose hotels to fit multiple price points to make their stay extra convenient.

    View More Accommodations

    Engagement Shoot Locations

    You’re in Kansas City, so you don’t have to worry about your engagement photos being beautiful. After all, you have an awesome downtown area, tons of urban parks, and farmland just outside of town! That being said, it can be a little difficult choosing which location to serve as the backdrop of your engagement session. Well, fear not: we asked the pros and they’re dishing up a few of their own engagement photo locations in KC.

    The Bachelorette Party

    When it comes to bachelorette party options for a local bride, look no further than Kansas City. The bride will enjoy one of her last nights as a single woman with great food, a fun atmosphere, and all of her best girlfriends in tow. We've compiled tons of KC bachelorette party ideas to help you get the party started.

    The Bachelor Party

    Whether the groom-to-be’s idea of a fun time is a Chiefs game, an evening of barbecue and beer, or a crazy night around 18th & Vine, he won’t be disappointed in Kansas City. This city seems like it was made for bachelor parties. Click here to see our best bachelor party ideas.

    Events to Consider

    The good news is that you’ve chosen a vibrant, scenic, and seriously fun location to gather your nearest and dearest on your big day. Congrats! The bad news? Your wedding location is so awesome that it draws a crowd for reasons other than your nuptials all year long. When selecting your wedding date, be sure you know what other activities are happening in the area that might put a cramp in your party’s style. We’ve gone ahead and done the legwork for you, so check out the annual calendar of major Kansas City events and add them to your radar.

    Local Buzz

    When planning something as complex and significant as your wedding day, sometimes you just want friendly experts to step in and share some pearls of wisdom. Lucky for you, we know people (we’re sitting right here — wink wink). And we’ve got your back: insider tips, exhaustive research, and inspiring takes on all aspects of the planning process, compiled here specifically with your wedding location in mind. You’re just a few clicks away from wedding planning peace of mind… You’re welcome! (No thank-you note required.)

    Local Online Resources

    Check out some other useful local online resources to get you acquainted with all-things Kansas City, from travel guides to the local restaurant scene to great local wedding blogs run by our friends in the industry:

    Tips from local pros

    Choosing Your Kansas City Wedding Vendors

    With our comprehensive list of local wedding pros, we're here to help you put together an all-star team to bring your vision to life.