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    Dave Shilling Photography in Lake Tahoe

    I am a modern photographer. I like Pictures. no.....Love em. I love people. I will talk to just about anyone. My favorite shirt cost $3.00 at Goodwill, and I'm there many times a week looking for a new favorite. I will get dirty, get wet, climb a tree, or throw my camera in the air if it means a great photo is created. Starbucks should name a store after me. I am inspired by things that have character. I love to recycle. I only let my kids call me "Daddy". I see beauty in the world, and record it. I see beauty in people, and record it. I'll get stuck watching a Discovery Channel marathon on a Saturday if I'm not careful. I have more hobbies than I have free days to pursue them...I dont know what being bored feels like, but it sounds awful. I'm Dave Shilling, and I love love.

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