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    Regina & Andrew Elegant Lake Tahoe Wedding Filled with Sweet Laughter

    September 13, 2014 at Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe

    Wedding Details

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    There is no doubt that Ciprian Photography has a way with the camera and we can see the full talent of that through these stunning images of Regina & Andrew's day. It's a Lake Tahoe celebration through and through which is exactly what these long time part-time area residents hoped for - they spent many a days falling in love in this gorgeous area and knew no better place than Tahoe to tie the knot. It was a day filled with the perfect balance of elegance and tradition, and every last detail was perfectly in its place. Take a look loves and let your mind wander...

    The Couple


    Andrew is in law school.


    Regina is a realtor.


    We have been together for 8 years now. We live in San Francisco and own a happy home!​

    Our Love Story

    How They Met...

    She says:

    We met at the University of Colorado at Boulder. I was a Pi Beta Phi and Andrew was a Sigma Pi. Greek Week was upon us - but for some reason my friend Morgan Stefan (my maid of honor) and I decided not to participate in the big "Songfest" dance competition. The week before, while everyone was having fun getting ready for the dance, Morgan & I felt like we were missing out ... so I called on our good friend John Ritelli (who is a groomsman) who was also a member of Sigma Pi (the fraternity matched with our sorority). I figured that he would want to be MY dance partner, as he is my brother's best friend, but alas he wanted to be darling Morgan's partner and pawned me off on his friend... this guy named ANDREW!

    Though Andrew had a huge crush on me (admit it Andrew!) and courted me for months, I thought I was too cool for him (being a whole school year older) and gave him the cold shoulder....

    It wasn't until I ran into him two years later and was thrown off by his flirtatious confidence, that I begged John to organize a big dinner with his friends and mine so I could get to know Andrew better. The next night, when I got to see Andrew again at a party, I told him in the alleyway behind my house that I had a crush on him and was blown away when he grabbed me and planted a huge kiss on me! He's blown me away every day ever since...

    He Says:

    My favorite part of this story is that Gina & I do not agree, and I know I am right. Though I am learning I am supposed to tell her she’s right. We'll, save that for next time.

    Towards the end of each year at CU, frats and sororities come together for a Greek Week. Most of Greek Week is unmentionable, but this story bears repeating.

    My frat and Gina’s sorority were paired up to compete in the week’s activities. The biggest ones were Frat Football and Songfest. Songfest, briefly, is a dance medley. Those of you who know me know I don’t dance. Because I was pledging at the time I was compelled to learn the moves and shake my butt on stage. That wasn’t supposed to happen. I worked harder at getting out of Songfest than I should have worked to learn the dances. In the end, the day of the event came, and I was free to be a spectator.

    Then our good friend John Ritelli decided he wanted to partner up with Morgan Stefan, which seemed fine until she had a friend with her, Gina. Now here is how we actually met…

    Gina needed a partner. She was with Morgan, who told this to John. Next thing I know John grabs me, introduces me to Gina and tells that we are to be partners in the dance.

    Great. It’s something like two hours before the dance, I know zero moves, and I’m drunk. How could this night go wrong?

    Turns out it didn’t. In fact, it went right. Gina & I exchanged brief personal histories, realized she knew more people from SI and San Francisco than I did, we danced (poorly) and won. Then, like any good frat, we raged. I spent most of that night looking for this new mysterious companion but she was nowhere to be found. In fact she ignored me for the next two years.

    Fast forward to the CU/CSU football game in Denver as my junior year was beginning. At some point that day a mutual friend of ours told me Gina was nearby and when she came up to me, well, she was impressed...

    So much so that she arranged for a dinner with her girl friends and John ​Ritelli, on the condition that he would bring my roommates & I. The dinner came and went and was a great success. So much so that Gina finally started talking to me. A lot. Even telling me things I didn’t care to hear. For example, on the way to or from a party somewhere (details are fuzzy on my end) she told me she had her boyfriend at her house. So I did the logical thing and grabbed her right then and there and kissed her. I told her to have fun with her boyfriend and walked away. Right there happened to be next to a dumpster in an alley – how romantic.

    But it worked. She kept talking to me and our love has been growing stronger every day since.

    How they fell in love...

    They Say:

    Though we met in Boulder, CO - we ultimately fell in love in Lake Tahoe. We decided to get married in the place that brings us such joy and fond memories of falling for each other over boat rides, and snuggling up by the fire after a day of snowboarding. We know that it will mean a great deal to us that we will be beginning our lives together in the very spot that we first said "I love you."

    She said "YES!"

    Andrew proposed in Florence, Italy June 29th, 2013

    The Verna’s decided to take a European vacation to France and Italy for Mike’s 60th birthday. They graciously decided to extend myself an invite, and it didn’t take long to realize that proposing in Italy would be everything this little boy, I mean girl, Gina, has dreamt of her entire life. The plan was simple. I would fly to Florence and meet the Verna’s a few hours later at our hotel late that night. The next day we were set to leave Florence and head to Radda.

    From talking about this with Mike & Sheila previously, I knew we would have the morning and a few hours into the afternoon to spend in Florence. Being the prudent individual I am I decided to take full advantage. I had been to Florence a few years back and knew of a beautiful look-out point looking back towards the town of Florence right above the Ponte Vecchio. This was my target destination.

    Now those of you who know Gina know she likes, nay, demands to be in control of just about everything.

    The next day we have breakfast and coffee, and Gina is eager to plan the day. The Verna’s are privy to my plans in detail at this point, but of course Gina had no idea. All Gina knows is that I had been to “some place” before and I wanted to go back. I told her I knew how to get there. Of course I didn’t. The Verna’s were going to do their own thing, and we would all meet up for lunch later. Or so Gina thought.

    Gina really wanted this moment to be captured on camera so we could save and cherish it forever. So what Gina didn’t know is that I had arranged for her parents to meet us up there. I would text Sheila when we got there to let them know where we were. They would hide, and take pictures when I proposed. Bang. What a plan.

    Turns out the town of Florence had tons of traffic that day, both vehicle and foot. Gina and I got sidetracked a bit, took some wrong turns, and we were late. Also, pretty hard to discretely send a text when the person you want to prevent seeing the message is next to you. “Gina, I am taking pictures on my phone” I said a few times. Yeah right.

    No problem, though, as the Verna’s were even more tardy than us. So Gina and I arrive at the Piaza Michelangelo and I look frantically around. Where the hell are they? I need to propose! Good thing I am quick on my feet, though. “Gina, when my parents took me here, we entered on the OTHER side. Let’s go over there.” Phew. Bullet dodged. So I took Gina clear across the courtyard and … no Verna’s. I then proceeded to slowly walk Gina all along the railing at a snail’s pace. I had the challenge of keeping her facing towards the city (“Look how beautiful that really old building is, honey!”) while keeping my head on a swivel hoping to see my paparazzi.

    After what seemed like hours of waiting on Sheila, I finally spotted her. I then ushered Gina to a less crowded area of the square. I hugged her, told her I loved her so much, and then, without hesitation, dropped to a knee, pulled out the ring and said “Mi vuoi sposare?”

    Gina will tell you many things. She will tell you she can speak Italian very well. That actually isn’t a lie, however, she had no idea what that meant. All she knew is boy on knees with ring in air. OK! Truth be told I have no memory of Gina saying yes. My memory is just her taking the ring. SO Gina. In any event, the happiest moment of my life had just occurred and within seconds the Verna’s rushed in to embrace us. I mean, her. They embraced her! I was left for another seemingly eternal span of time waiting for my first intra-Verna family hug. And when it came, it was one of the best hugs I have ever had.

    What's Next

    We just got a new addition to our family - our french bulldog Ralphie!!

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