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    Tracy & Matt Chic Southern Winery Wedding

    November 4, 2012 at The Crown Winery

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    The theme for this wedding was "Tuscan Vineyard", and we are instantly transported to the countryside of Italy. Tracy is a classically gorgeous bride, and she seems to glide about the vineyard with an effortless grace. michael allen photography was behind the lens on this beauty, and gives us a fall wedding that reflects the season to sheer perfection. Seriously, you can feel the changing of the seasons and the chill in the air on your skin when gazing at this gem. Memphis does not get more romantic than this wedding... Enjoy everyone!

    From the photographer....

    I love the style of a Tuscany wedding shot in the vineyards of Italy. For Tracy & Matt's wedding, we took the time to scout and plan her wedding theme down to the last detail. Crown Vineyards was the backdrop for this beautiful wedding, late in the fall, with just a hint of crisp cool air in the sky. Tracy is my second photographer, and she let me have carte blanc for the shoot style. For her wedding I wanted a romantic, natural feel, with both a soft color palette with rich color that showed the detail of the natural settings of the vineyard. I did shoot some blown out backgrounds for some of the scenes inspired by Jose Villa, one of my favorite wedding photographers, but I wanted to be careful to preserve some of the color of the land and sky. Here are just a few of my favorites from her amazing wedding. Special thanks to Tracy who designed a beautiful wedding theme, and Angela Mazanti for carried out this amazing design, and the amazing catering from Alisa at Club Windward that created the look and feel of a true Italian cuisine dinner. And thanks to Crown Vineyards for providing this beautiful backdrop in the rolling hills of Tennessee.


    We brought in dozens of empty wine bottles filled with wild flowers to give a natural look to the table scopes, and the wedding cake was a two tiered bundt cake for the bride and groom. Each table had their own bundt cake, so the guests had fun cutting the cake, too!

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