Alex Fagundo is an award winning wedding photographer in Miami, Florida. Alex specializes in wedding photojournalism capturing emotion as it happens in a way that is contemporary and authentic.

    At Soul Echo Studios, we place value on real emotions rather than staged, artificial photography. Your Miami wedding will be full of unexpected moments that fly by in an instant. It is my job as your wedding photographer to capture each of those memories in a way that is organic and unobtrusive. I want to document every feeling that is part of your wedding story. It is harder to photograph unexpected moments than those that are fully controlled by the photographer, but it is those moments I find most valuable and it is in this area of photography I believe I am best at. I have been a wedding photographer in Miami for over 8 years specializing in photojournalism and the compliment I hear most often from my wedding clients is that I captured all of the emotion of their day without them realizing I was even there. I prefer for moments to develop organically rather than forcing them. Whether your wedding takes place in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, the Caribbean or beyond, I hope you would give me a chance to say hello and see if I am a good fit for your photography needs.

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