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    Alina & Rafael Glamorous Temple Wedding in Miami

    October 19, 2013 at Congregation B'Nai Israel

    Wedding Details

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    Jeff Kolodny Photography brought us this stunning, Miami gem, and we couldn't be more thrilled! Alina and Rafael are a gorgeous pair and their special day matched them perfectly. With an elegant temple wedding in Boca Raton at Congregation B'Nai Israel and an entirely too-fun after party, this fall day is simply one for the books. From tears of joy to boisterous laughs, so many emotions are captured amongst these images, and we love getting to feel apart of them all. Alina and Rafael were the sweetest of couples, and we're so glad that their perfect, dream wedding came true!

    The Couple


    Rafael is very passionate about everything he puts his mind too and loves growing his businesses. He loves to unwind by playing basketball a couple times a week and hitting the gym and sauna on his free time. Seeing his friends and family is a big must and just unwinding with a movie on the couch with his wife is also nice and relaxing.


    I love to spend time with my family. Rafael and I see our parents probably once a month and enjoy every moment with them. I love to travel. We just got back from our 3 week European honeymoon and it was incredible. Spending time with my friends and catching up is always a good time.


    We are both Russian and Jewish and want the same things out of life. Ever since the first time we meet on New Years Eve 2011 we have been inseparable.

    Our Love Story

    Our journey began not to long ago when we finally locked eyes on January 1, 2012, just a few hours after the New Year arrived. We spend every weekend together building on our magical chemistry. Our passion for one another developed into a daily eternal bond. Our love for each other only grew stronger and more stable with each moment that passed. We did our fair share of traveling throughout the year together, but one vacation came to be as unforgettable as any couple can dream up. We got engaged on 12/24/12 in Mont-tremblant, Quebec. Even though our real journey together is only beginning we are extremely blessed and fortunate to have found ourselves to be married.

    What's Next

    We recently got a new puppy, Teddy, a golden doodle and have our hands full with him. We are in the process of looking for home and expanding our family. In the mean time we plan to do some traveling and spending time with our friends and family.

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