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    Paige & Kyle Glamorous Ballroom Affair in Miami

    April 25, 2015 at Hotel Colonnade Coral Gables

    Wedding Details

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    Why This Wedding Made the Honor Roll

    The Straight A’s

    • Everything about Hotel Colonnade Coral Gables is venue perfection. Those grounds, people! It's got that stunning stone arch, romantic twisting vines, and those vibrant wisteria blooms. Basically, it's a romantic fairyland.
    • The groom's happy tears during that incredibly intimate and romantic first look.
    • We'd swipe right on those tablescapes with our eyes definitely wandering to those gold-rimmed chargers with gold calligraphy menus.
    • How glam are those towering centerpieces with cascading crystals and blooms? As glam you can get.

    The Extra Credit

    • Those lace chair covers call attention the guests of honor in a way that's so sophisticated and stylish.
    • That electric blue tux that Kyle is rocking is something else!
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