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How to Save Money on Your Monterey Wedding Flowers

From stunning bridal bouquets & lovely ceremony decor to centerpieces to grace your reception tables, flowers are a key element of Monterey weddings. Not to be undervalued, to be sure, but they don’t have to break the bank either. There are many ways to save money on your wedding flowers to make your big day beautiful within your wedding budget, even without lots of DIY.

The first step is choosing seasonal wedding flowers and blooms that are grown locally or regionally. Lucky for Monterey brides, most of the retail flowers grown in this country are from California. This means more wedding flowers are in season for longer and thus more readily available. Monterey wedding florists are more likely to be able to get the flowers you want without price-y special orders.

Green isn’t just the color of the money you are trying to save; it’s the color of lush beautiful foliage. On its own, greenery is welcoming, inviting you into a private oasis. As a backdrop, it gives your focal flowers more impact, and your Monterey wedding florist can work it in as subtle accents to stretch your flower budget further.

Make the most of your venue's features. When planning your décor, think about the unique elements of your location. So many Monterey wedding venues have beautiful scenic views – you might need only simple accents for your ceremony. Too much décor can actually disrupt a pretty view.

Arbor, huppah, or gazebo? Soft white or simple pops of color can often be the best accents. If you want greenery, think about natural vines (that don’t have to be handmade into garland) or large leaves as focal points. Less labor equals lower cost – or easier to do it yourself.

Remember, with wedding flowers & decor, less is more. Do you recall the dainty wedding bouquet carried by Kate Middleton, now Duchess of Cambridge? Also, a single dramatic bloom makes a stunning bridesmaid bouquet, no matter the size of your wedding party.

If you are having a sit-down dinner, think about all the items that will be on each table – dinner plates, salad plates, silverware, drinking glasses, wine glasses, favors or place cards, table numbers, and more. You often will realize that such a full table needs only a simple punch of color for the wedding centerpiece. Similarly, if your caterer will be displaying your buffet items artfully, you likely won’t need any additional décor for those tables.

Ask your florist, caterer, or venue about renting items. Many vendors that specialize in Monterey weddings have multi-use items that you can rent. Beyond just vases and pedestals, think about potted or silk plants to accent entryways, a bird cage to collect gift envelopes, or baskets to distribute your exit sparklers.

Friends and family are another great source for borrowing items. I’ve used a grandmother’s vintage tea cup collection in wedding centerpieces, and family silver pieces for accent arrangements on gift and favor tables. These borrowed pieces not only save you money, but they can bring special meaning to your décor. For valuable and breakable items, be sure to discuss with your Monterey wedding florist how these pieces will be handled, safeguarded, and returned to the owners who lent them. It’s often a good idea to designate a member of your family or the wedding party to take special care of these treasures.

Avoid the trap of saving money on your wedding flower budget by buying lots of hard goods, accents, and natural elements. The cost of those items can really add up and negate the savings you were aiming for. Less is more here, too. Similarly, DIY projects can certainly be money savers, but only if you have the time, ability, and materials to complete them. Research the total cost and time commitment carefully to be sure you are truly going to come out ahead on DIY projects.

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