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Tips on Creating the Wedding Flower Budget in Monterey

Planning the wedding budget is tricky, especially when it is unchartered territory for the bride-to-be. You are planning your Monterey wedding at a gorgeous venue, and are probably considering filling it to the brim with lovely floral arrangements. Before you have a friendly chat with Monterey wedding florists, try to sit your fiancé down and talk about the costs involved. Monterey wedding florists have a million tricks up their sleeves to save you money, but you'll still want to walk in with an idea of what your budget looks like. You don’t want sticker shock as you go to choose your favorite blooms!

We did the research and also consulted local Monterey wedding florist Melody King, owner of Fleurish Floral Designs to get the inside scoop and break down the details of budgeting for your wedding flowers. Keep reading for all the details on your floral budget.

Things to Consider

Style of Wedding

For Monterey weddings centered on a theme, you may or may not need as many flowers. I personally love fairytale-esque weddings with twigs as the centerpieces, but if you dream of being surrounded by luscious blooms and various petals, you might find yourself needing to bump up your budget.


Is your reception close to your ceremony? If so, you can reuse the ceremony flowers as reception area décor. Your florists, planner, or venue coordinator should be able to take care of this for you, so you don't have to worry about coordinating any of this. If your nuptials are outdoors, you might not need as many blooms as a ceremony in a large cathedral.

Number of Guests

If you have 300 people at your wedding, keep in mind that 300 guests means at least 30 tables, and 30 tables mean 30 centerpieces. The easiest way to always keep your budget in check is to cut down on your guest list as much as possible.

Time of Year

The time of year really speaks to the availability of certain types of flowers. Melody of Fleurish reminds us, “If you want an expensive flower in an off season, then you will have to bump that budget up to accommodate the extra expense."

Number of People in Your Wedding Party

I have four sisters and what feels like a million women in my life who mean the world to me. Unfortunately, having everyone in my wedding party is not a feasible option. Cutting down on the wedding party (before asking everyone!!) can also cut down on how much you need to spend on bouquets and boutonnieres.

Flower Selection

Ask Monterey wedding florists for help picking the most cost-efficient flowers. If there are alternatives to those peonies you have your heart set on (cha-ching) that achieves the same 'look,' Monterey wedding florists will know and will be happy to advise you. Melody suggests, “Focus on color and texture more than individual flowers to get the best price.”

The Average Price of Wedding Flowers

It’s always helpful to know about how much, on average, brides are spending on various aspects of their Monterey weddings, because then you know how your own budget will fare. Most professionals will tell brides to allocate around 9% of their overall wedding budget to their blooms. Obviously though, if you're going to have a garden-themed wedding in the middle of the desert, this is going to be a lot more than 9%, so try to hash out the cost of each flower arrangement for your wedding, rather than blindly go with the average budget.


A bridal bouquet can cost $200 & upwards. Expect to spend about half for each bridesmaid’s bouquet.

Boutonnieres and Corsages

A single boutonniere will range right around the $15 mark, with a corsage costing about double that price.

Ceremony Space

This can be an unexpected pricy area in terms of flower decorations. Depending on how you decorate (e.g., pew/chair bows, aisle petals, arch decorations, or even just general side arrangements), flowers for the ceremony space will start at about $150-$200.

Reception Area

This is basically a huge repeat of the ceremony space, but be sure to add $100 for each centerpiece, if you choose to use them to dress up your tables.

Additional Costs

A lot of brides overlook the set-up fees and the fact that these flowers need containers. Most Monterey wedding florists will rent you vases for arrangements if you don’t see yourself needing the vases after your wedding day. Be sure to check with your florist and ask how much you should expect to pay per vase, since this varies amongst professionals.

Last Minute Tips

  • Melody King of Fleurish says she notices that a lot her Monterey brides forget about their flower budget or dip into the this budget to use elsewhere, since blooms are one of the last things brides pick out. Set your wedding flower budget early on, and stick with it.

  • Lastly, she warns, “DIY doesn't save you money. For just about the same or a little more, you can get a professional to handle all the stress and strain of the decor. After purchasing all your materials at retail and then having to arrange, pack, haul, and clean up, it is a lot of extra energy that could be devoted to friends, family, and yourself before the special day. If you can't treat yourself on your wedding day, when will you?”

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Ready to start designing your luscious blooms? Meet some of our favorite Monterey wedding florists who can help you get started!

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