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Best of Napa & Sonoma 2015: Wedding Photographers

Best of Napa & Sonoma 2015: Wedding Photographers

During wedding planning, there are not many decisions more important than choosing who will be trusted to beautifully capture your love story. After all, this is a day you'll only be able to experience once, so you'll want to make sure that whoever is behind the lens will be able to authentically capture your story & personalities. Plus, this is all not to even mention the fact that your photographers are one of the only vendors - if not THE only - that you'll work with after the day has come & gone to order prints, design albums, etc.

So who should you rely on to capture your day? Read on to find out who the local wedding community voted in as the very best wedding photographer in Napa & Sonoma.

First Place

Tia & Claire Studio is comprised of two best friends, Tia & Claire, and approach weddings as a team. For the client, this means they have two insanely talented photographers who can be trusted to catch each & every moment, never missing a beat. tia & claire studio shoot in a photojournalistic style, capturing the story as it unfolds. That being said, you don't have to worry about losing those classic portraits - they'll get those too, just in a manner that never seems forced or overly directed. They're the perfect blend of styled & the wedding community is loud & clear when they say that these duo definitely needs to be on your short list.


Suzanne Karp Photography has over 15 years of experience shooting weddings, & it shows. She's mastered the art of natural-looking family portraits, capturing all those stunning details brides labor over, keeping everyone calm and at ease in front of the camera, & still manages to deliver images in a timely manner. Wine Country has spoken, and they love Suzanne Karp Photography!

Honorable Mentions

Magdalena Stefanek Photography

Damion Hamilton Photographer

Barbara Jacqueline Photography

"Best of Borrowed & Blue Napa & Sonoma Weddings 2015" is a competition to reward the very best in the local wedding industry from the past year. Award recipients are determined based exclusively on a community survey that was sent to local wedding venues, vendors, brides & grooms, wedding junkies, and their fans and followers. Voting was open from 8am, November 18, 2014, until midnight on December 15, 2014, and thousands of votes were received and recorded. Results are based solely on vote totals and have no correlation to any advertising relationships that may or may not exist between Borrowed & Blue and award recipients. Borrowed & Blue carefully monitored voting to ensure only one vote was recorded per computer (IP address), and all voters were required to register their basic information with the Company.

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