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Napa Wedding Trend: Wine Barrel Wedding Decor

If you're getting married in Napa, chances are you're getting married at a Napa winery. No one in the world could possibly blame your inability to pass up such a wedding venue - weddings don't get much more beautiful than with a backdrop of rolling hills & vineyards! For those of you marrying at a Napa winery, wine will obviously be a huge part of your nuptials! For centuries, wine has brought people together, and now it will again at your Napa wedding! In ode to that illustrious libation, your Napa wedding should totally incorporate wine barrels into your décor! Many wineries will provide this for free, and it adds a perfect, rustic touch to your dazzling soiree.

There are many ways to incorporate wine barrels into your wedding décor, and every single one looks just right. You can't go wrong. Here are some ideas.

Wine barrels as a guestbook

Now, this is an idea that I thought of a few months ago and have yet to see in any of our weddings, but I am dying to! I think it would be totally adorable to use a wine barrel as a guestbook and have your guests sign it with a Sharpie. After the wedding, you can take the wine barrel guestbook home and use it as a side table! Keep in mind that since you'll be taking this barrel home, your wedding venue may charge you. Totally worth it though!

I wish I had some images of this, but unfortunately I have yet to see it. Check out this couple who used a wine barrel to display their guest book... almost there!!

Photo opportunities

When you're saying your "I do's" at a Napa winery, opportunities for incredible wedding pictures abound. We especially love the effect wine barrels has on images; the dark wood will lend a certain warmth and coziness to your images, and honestly I even think something about the shape of the barrels add to the romance. If your Napa wedding venue has a barrel room, make absolutely sure your wedding photographer snaps some in there with you & your new husband. I also think the barrel room would also be a fantastic spot to do your "first look" or host your rehearsal dinner!

As a Cake stand

We're always on the hunt for new & inventive ways to display those must-have items at weddings, and I'm really into the idea of displaying your wedding cake on a wine barrel. This display will photograph incredibly well & look awesome with any kind of cake. The contrast between the barrel and a traditional white wedding cake will really really stun your guests.

As table legs

Stick a few wine barrels under a table top to create a custom country-chic dessert or buffet table!

As cocktail & side tables

I'm loving that Napa wedding planners are advising their brides to set up a lounge area for their guests, which allows for a lot of creativity and little bit of coziness that your guests will adore, especially if you're hosting an outdoor wedding in Napa. Most likely, your parents did not have an adorable little lounge space at their wedding! Incorporate wine barrels into your lounge décor, using them as side tables or cocktail tables to rest drinks on, or simply to display flowers or other décor to soften the space.

As ceremony decor

Use wine barrels around the perimeter of your ceremony space, and have one behind or near the officiant during vow exchanging to use as a resting table for flowers, the officiant's notes, or anything that you might need to put down discreetly (those notes to help you remember your vows?) during your ceremony.

These are just a few ideas to enhance your Napa wedding with a bit of rustic inventiveness. If you want to incorporate wine barrels into your wedding décor, be sure to consult with your Napa wedding planner for even more ideas! And someone, please, do the wine barrel guestbook and send me some pictures of your gorgeous Napa wedding! I'm dying to see this idea come to life!

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