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Showcasing the Best Wedding Cakes in Napa Valley

Showcasing the Best Wedding Cakes in Napa Valley

Deciding on which desserts to serve during your Napa wedding is one of the most fun (and delicious) areas of wedding planning. You get to be creative & maybe even do something a little out of the ordinary. There are a slew of bakeries and pastry chefs in Napa & Sonoma County up to the challenge of creating wedding cakes (and cupcakes!) that accentuate your wedding theme and colors and lend a hand to either the elegant or eccentric look you have envisioned for your wedding in Napa Valley. I've chosen a few of my favorite wedding cakes &cupcakes from the best wedding cake designers in Napa that were spot-on for the beautiful Napa weddings on Borrowed & Blue.

Without further ado, these picture-perfect cakes and cupcakes were created by Lisa Colley of Fleur de Lisa. Lisa designs both cakes & cupcakes, which we love! Many brides like the idea of cupcakes, but still want those traditional photos from the cake cutting ceremony. Lisa lets them have both with a top-tier small cake & lower tiers of cupcakes... and it's all beautiful!

Thank you Catherine Hall, and Volatile Photography for these images.

These next four creations were designed by one of Napa Valley's premier wedding cake businesses, Perfect Endings. They've been featured in tons of wedding planning books & magazines as well as a beaucoup of television programs. From the looks of only a few of their cakes, it's really no wonder why...

Above images photographed by Damion Hamilton, Joseph Pascua, Tanja Lippert, and Catherine Hall Studios, respectively.

Up next is Sift, known in the Napa Valley as THE destination for wedding cupcakes. The best thing about serving cupcakes at your Napa Valley wedding is the infinite number of ways you can display them. Take a page out of these brides books.

Images above captured by Michelle Walker & Faye Bernouli.

And last but not favorite!! From Kelsey Robinson of The Whole Cake. This lady is amazing. I love this cake's simple design & its use of color. Thank you to Photography by Leah for capturing this photo!

So now you know where to go to find the perfect elegant, whimsical, or over-the-top cake for your wedding in Napa. We always love learning about new & incredible wedding cake creators, so send us photos of the desserts you served at your Napa wedding!

Search more pastry chefs & bakeries in Napa to find the perfect person to create the confection of your dreams for your Napa wedding.

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