Patisserie Angelica

    Patisserie Angelica in Napa & Sonoma

    At Patisserie Angelica we have confidence you will taste the difference: our products are pure, fresh, and all natural.This small artisan patisserie bakes from scratch using real ingredients; no mixes or stuff from a bucket. All of our cakes and fillings are house made using non-GMO and/or organic ingredients including the following organics; evaporated cane sugar, confectioner's sugar, flour, butter, cream, pastured eggs...even our cornstarch and vanilla beans are organic! We use local organic fruits in season and jar, freeze, and make jams so we can use local during the non growing season. You will see a wild variety of European chocolates from Belgium, France and Switzerland, and US organic chocolate. All of our wedding cakes and desserts are crafted utilizing old world methods; prepared from scratch then hand cut, hand formed, and hand filled. Looking for a spectacular Dessert Table? That is our speciality! We have a beautiful selection of petits fours for dessert tables, individual desserts, rustic desserts, wedding favors and much more.

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