The Duke Truck in Napa & Sonoma

    The Duke is no ordinary truck. He prides himself in his unique artisanal blend of experience and enjoyment, making him the most sought out vintage event truck since 1974.

    With his high-class, euro-vintage character, he becomes the perfect centerpiece for you wedding. He transforms any gathering into an “out of this world” experience as he becomes an elegant champagne and wine bar or a full service macaroon station.

    Because of his hip unique look, The Duke is amazing as a champagne, wine or specialty drink bar. Imagine your guests walking up a one of a kind vintage bar serving the bride and groom's specialty drink. Or he could be an amazing macaroon or cake bar. The Duke = Priceless Pictures

    The Duke is not a food truck. He serves as a mobile event space with his handmade wood bar, custom cabinets, café lights, subzero wine refrigerator, vintage speaker for music and 4 barstools.

    He drives up, opens the bar, and serves It is that easy.

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