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    Allyson & Philip Elegant Vintage Country Soiree

    April 5, 2014 at Park Winters

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    I feel like words won't even do this beauty justice. A little bit of pink, a few pops of gold, elegant vintage touches, and a whole lot of romance went into this all-around stunning wedding for Allyson & Philip. Not to mention the gorgeous Park Winters where everything took place! The sheer talent and eye for design that this beautiful bride has is just amazing. Everything that you see here in these photos from Sweet Marie Photography - every single little detail from the beautiful paper goods to the table settings - were designed by Allyson herself. Make sure to read the words that her darling groom had to say about her and the wedding below - trust me, you don't want to miss it!

    From the handsome groom...

    Let me start out by saying that, totally unbiased, our wedding was the most gorgeous wedding I had ever seen. Allyson made a point to make sure all of our guests thought that as well.

    I feel like everything started when we found our venue. The Inn at Park Winters is a hidden gem in a town that got its first stoplight less than 15 years ago. We looked at venues all around Northern California, and none of them come close to the beauty that the Inn at Park Winters has to offer. That being said, Allyson’s attention to detail is what really made our wedding come to life. She made sure that from the moment our guests first arrived to the venue to the moment they left, they were fully encompassed by an unparalleled level of beauty and creativity.

    The moment Allyson and I got engaged, she already had a vision of how our wedding would look. And although I was as involved as I could be, I was still absolutely amazed when I arrived at the venue to get ready for the wedding. I was speechless. The only thing prettier than the décor of that day was Allyson in her dress. I had never seen anything so beautiful in my whole life. I only wish that I could have slowed down time that day. Throughout the evening, I would frequently catch myself just looking around and marveling at how Allyson had put thought into every single detail at our wedding. She even personally designed all of the table settings, from the silverware placement to how the napkins would be folded.

    Since the wedding, one of my favorite things to do is to just look at photos of the big day. Mindy at Sweet Marie Photography is a true professional of her trade. She captured every moment just the way we remembered them. I am always so proud to show the photos to people, and I love how they react when they see how stunning everything looked. Allyson created such a gorgeous setting; people have a hard time believing that we did not hire a professional to do it!

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