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    Ghazaleh & Tom Vibrant Persian Inspired Wedding

    April 30, 2011 at Carneros Resort and Spa

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    Ghazaleh and Tom were married at Carneros Inn amid the splendid setting of an apple orchard and vineyard views. Their ceremony was a nod to their Persian heritage and included a custom Sofreh table that Ghazaleh and her sister Leah spent many hours putting together. The colors and customs were rich and beautiful. The couple wanted to go more contemporary with their reception but keep the vibrant colors. The peacock was a focal inspiration and graced their gorgeous wedding cake. Peacock feathers adorned the guests napkins at the dinner tables along with cherry tree branches and lush floral arrangements to create a more serene garden feel. The outdoor cocktail and lounge reception areas continued with the vibrant color tones. Lanterns and colorful vintage tea tins overflowing with bright floral adorned tables. Custom white banquette lounges were piled with plush pillows. Guests dined on delicious food and were treated to excellent varieties of wine throughout the evening. Traditional Persian music was set the tone with a live duo playing during the Persian wedding ceremony and the cocktail reception. Then guests danced into the late night hours to the beats of a Persian DJ.


    The Sofreh Aghd, or wedding spread, for their Persian ceremony was amazing and a total work of love by the bride, Ghazaleh, and her sister Leah. They personally made and carefully selected each and every item on the table. Many of the items were made by the bride, including the decorated eggs and the crystal sugar pomanders. Everything was carefully thought about and executed. It was a gorgeous table that truly reflected the faith and love of Ghazaleh and Tom.

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    Carneros Resort and Spa in Napa & Sonoma
    Carneros Resort and Spa Natalie Eselgroth Hotels, Inns & Resorts
    Got Light in Napa & Sonoma
    Got Light Caitlin Granger Sound & Lighting Design

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