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    Hannah & Angel Spanish-Inspired Styled Shoot

    April 17, 2013 at Mont La Salle

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    There are some styled shoots I could talk about for hours, but the ones that are the most fabulous leave me without words! And the more I search for the right words, the more I realize that there are just not enough to do this shoot justice. Mont La Salle could not have been more beautiful background to this Spanish-inspired celebration, from the breathtaking views of the nearby mountains and lake to the gorgeous Mediterranean-styled architecture on the property. And you can't talk about this amazing Spanish-inspired shoot without mentioning the influence of its culture while planning the affair. Gina Lett from Inspirations by Gina shares:

    One tradition that was incorporated into the shoot was the use of arras (coins) and lasso during the ceremony inside the chapel. In Spanish culture, the lasso represents the infinity symbol and is placed over the couples’ heads after their vows have been exchanged. It symbolizes lifetime unity, or the everlasting union, of the bride and groom when they officially become husband and wife. The 13 arras are wedding tokens used in Catholic wedding ceremonies in Spain are generally placed in an ornate box. After the arras are blessed by a priest, they are given by the groom to the bride which symbolizes what's his is hers and that he will provide for his bride.

    Napa brides, get ready to be inspired! And many thanks to Barbara Jacqueline Photography for bringing today's dose of lovely.

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