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    Kaitlin & Dave Vibrant & Sweet Summer Soirée

    August 3, 2013 at Tra Vigne

    Wedding Details

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    Feel free to take a moment and stop and stare at this fabulous love affair from Susanne Ashby Photography. With vibrant, rich colors livening up the day, this summer wedding is full of sweet charm and a touch of delicacy — not to mention all the whimsical details from whistles to streamers. And of course, the stunning floral details, full of such variety and color, have blown us away. Enjoy this magical day!

    The Couple


    As a newly minted accountant (and a recovering psychology major), Dave spends his free time perfecting his Nicolas Cage impressions and making his wife delicious baked goods. He currently works at Symbion Healthcare in Nashville, Tennessee. Dave loves his wife very much and all the time, but especially when she writes flattering blog posts about him and watches Saturday morning cartoons.


    A former Air Force brat, only child, and lover of all things Tom Hanks, Kaitlin currently works at Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tennessee as Director of Disability Services. She graduated with her master's in Social Work from the University of Tennessee in 2010, cultivated her love for people and talking, and has not quieted down since. Kaitlin loves her husband very much and all the time, but especially when he makes her his "made-from-scratch" vanilla bean cheesecake and quotes obscure lines from movies.


    Kaitlin and Dave are a force to be reckoned with. Their Netflix queues are massive, they have great taste in music, and can order take-out with a finesse reserved for Ronald McDonald himself. Neither excel at laundry, but both have mastered the art of not-caring. Their life has been full of laughter and love, and they look forward to the years to come.

    Our Love Story

    In 2011, Kaitlin started a job with the state of Tennessee as a behavioral instructor. That's where she met Dave, her co-instructor in the classroom, and co-partner in life. After making several corny jokes (like the one in the sentence before) and navigating awkward world of liking a co-worker, Kaitlin and Dave began dating. The rest is history. On August 3, 2013, they finally tied the proverbial knot. And ate a lot of cake. They like cake.


    Kaitlin's grandmother, Gran Jean, passed away in 2012. They were very close. The wedding was full of "hidden" shout-outs to such a loved member of the family. Kaitlin wore Gran Jean's cross necklace around her wrist, and one of the songs that played during the ceremony was a tribute to Gran Jean's home, Tennessee. (Sweet Tennessee by Judah and the Lion) Purple was Gran Jean's favorite color. Gran Jean also obsessed over flowers. All kinds of flowers. Kaitlin hopes that her wedding was a tribute to her grandmother and all the joy she brought to the people in her life.

    What's Next

    Kaitlin and Dave are in the process of building a new home in Nashville, Tennessee. Both love their jobs, love each other, and can't wait to see what the future has in store.

    Tra Vigne in Napa & Sonoma
    Wedding Venue Tra Vigne
    Wedding Vendors
    Susanne Ashby Photography
    Cakes & Desserts
    Tra Vigne
    Tra Vigne
    Tulips & Toadstools
    Hair & Makeup
    Bella Bridal Napa Valley
    Bridal Shops
    Dress: The White Room, Lebanon, TN
    Gifts & Favors
    Personalized Olive Oil: Hurley Farms
    Invitations & Calligraphy
    Grant Glover, Nashville, TN
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