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    Tovah & Scott Sunny Garden Wedding in Napa Valley

    August 10, 2013 at Sylvan Manor Estate

    Wedding Details

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    Tovah & Scott are lucky to live in such a wonderful area, so it is no surprise that they wanted to take full advantage of the beautiful Napa Valley and have their entire wedding outside. There is just something about these images from Sphynge Photography that makes this Californian summer day look absolutely magical. From the adorable blind-folded first look, the personal touches woven throughout the entire affair, and the incredible grounds of the Sylvan Manor Estate really made this one delightful day, wouldn't you just have to agree? Congrats to the lovely bride & groom from all of us at Borrowed & Blue!

    From the beautiful bride....

    We wanted to have a wedding that was completely outdoors to take advantage of the beautiful Napa Valley surroundings that we are lucky enough to call our backyard. It was important to us to add a lot of individual touches to make our wedding unique and to make sure that every guest knew how truly appreciative we were of their celebrating our big day with us.

    The Couple


    Scott was born and raised in San Francisco with his parents Judy and Pete and his older brother Jeff. He attended St. Ignatius College Prep where he was a basketball "star," and went on to attend UC Davis and UCLA where he graduated with a degree in economics. Shortly after graduating, he returned to San Francisco where he lived in the ultimate bachelor pad until Tovah conned him out of there. He has worked for PCMA, an investment advisory in Half Moon Bay, for 10 years. He loves football, basketball, baseball, golf, ALL things fantasy sports, movies, games, his nieces and nephew.....and Tovah.


    Tovah was born in raised in Pittsburgh, PA with her parents Marc and Sheryl and her younger brother Keith. She attended Fox Chapel High School and went onto attend Bucknell University, where she graduated with a degree in Pyschology. After graduating, she visited a friend in San Francisco, fell in love with the city, and packed up and moved cross country. She went on to get her Masters in Social Work at UC Berkeley, and is now considered a "local" after living here for 13 years. Tovah has worked as a social worker at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital for the past 5 years supporting families facing childhood cancer. She loves her morning cup of coffee, sushi, summer camp, scrapbooking, the Steelers.....and Scott.


    Tovah & Scott are best friends. They compliment each other perfectly, and not a day goes by where they don't have at least one fit of complete laughter together.

    Our Love Story

    It all started August 14th, 2010 at the Bucaneer Bar on Polk Street sometime after midnight. Tovah's friend Kristen dragged her in there against her will (Tovah wanted to go to Shanghai Kelly's - the Steelers bar). Scott was at the Buc' after an all day BBQ waiting for some friends (who never showed!). He was wearing a backpack which Tovah decided to make fun of, and that's how they started talking. Tovah (sarcastically) told Scott she felt badly that his 49ers only had 5 Super Bowl rings while her Steelers had 6. Scott had a few drinks (refer back to all day BBQ), and insisted the Steelers had only won 5. Tovah, knowing her football, challenged him to a bet - loser to take winner out to dinner at any restaurant of their choosing in San Francisco. The next day, Scott smartly sent her a text saying "What restaurant do you pick?" He claims that he lost on purpose, but we all know the truth. Four days later, they had their first real date at Frascati, and the rest is history.....

    The weekend after their two year anniversary, Scott told Tovah to save Saturday for a surprise date. They had been looking for artwork for a big wall in their apartment since they moved in, so when they pulled up to Park Life, a store and gallery that Scott's childhood friend Derek owns, Scott told Tovah that Derek had some art he thought they would like.

    Derek took them back to the gallery and pointed out a particular piece of art he had in mind - on the wall was a huge framed piece- a picture of Scott in front of the first place he and Tovah met - the Bucaneer, their first date spot - Frascati, and their first Valentine's Day and favorite restaurant - Boulevard. In each picture he was holding up a sign "Tovah", "Will You", Marry Me?" When Tovah realized what was going on she started crying and turned around to find Scott down on one knee - of course she said YES! That night, they had dinner reservations at Boulevard and then friends and family came to celebrate with them at Top Of the Mark. Scott won MAJOR points with the thought and planning that went in to all of this - it was the best day ever!


    So many things...we made our own invitations, programs, broke up the chocolate and graham crackers for our "smores" bar, signs, welcome bags. My favorite was the table numbers we made. They each were a unique number such as 2155 - the address of the bar where Tovah & Scott met, 31- the number of babies our friends have had since we met, and 1391 - the number of days Tovah and Scott have known each other

    What's Next

    We continue to live together in San Francisco enjoying every day. We plan to start a family in the not too distant future.

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