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    Jasmine & Gary Elegant Toes-in-the-Sand Beach Wedding

    May 12, 2013 at Marco Island Mariott

    Wedding Details

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    There's something about the crisp white sand and gorgeous views of the Gulf that makes the coast of Florida a dream for two lovebirds head over heels smitten with one another. But when the stunning backdrop is paired with specks of luscious lavender hues, the sheer elegance of Jasmine's strapless lace gown, and the romance of a sun-drenched day all come together, what you get is a dreamy celebration fit to make your heart swoon for hours and hours on end. And my goodness, with these images from a wedding vendor, that's exactly how we will be spending the rest of our day. Come along for this treat and prepare to fall in love with Florida all over again. Congrats to Jasmine & Gary from all of us at Borrowed & Blue! Xoxo.

    From the blushing bride....

    We wanted a beach wedding that was both casual and elegant. We chose vibrant blue and purple colors bouquets to bring color to the white sand and blue water of Marco Island, and in order to keep with our beach themed wedding, we chose a sand ritual as a part of our ceremony instead of a unity candle. Perfectly placed starfish seating cards placed in a sand-filled basket welcomed the guests upon arrival to our reception. Once inside the reception room the guests were treated with vanilla cupcakes covered in flower designed icing matching our color scheme.

    Our Love Story

    Jasmine & Gary met in high school. Even though there was a physical attraction from the start, the appreciation for one another’s personalities took a bit more time. By the end of the next year, they had spent more time with one another and went out on their first date, and they’ve been inseparable ever since. The proposal was a huge surprise, as it came only a month and a half after they began dating. Even though most would say it was sudden and they were so very young, they both knew that they wanted to spend every day together for the rest of their lives. They decided to get married as soon as they both finished high school and college, so six years later the planning began.

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