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    Bailey & Hunter Sweet Southern Farm Wedding in Nashville

    September 13, 2014 at Belle Meadows Farm

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    Setting Farms & Barns
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    There's something uniquely lovely about Southern weddings that is difficult to put into words. Whatever you want to call that x-factor, Bailey & Hunter's summer soirée at Belle Meadows Farm had it in spades! Maybe it's the classic elegance of the venue. Maybe it's the dreamy romance of the bride in her gorgeous tiered lace dress. Maybe it's the rustic charm of the tented reception. Whatever it is, I am so excited to share it with all of you! Mary Lauren Photography's lovely photos of the day capture what makes this wedding so special much better than anything I could write here, so be sure to check out the gallery. For more about the sweet love story behind the occasion, keep reading below.

    From Kennedy Occasions...

    Soft shades of pink and blue and Southern hospitality were the inspiration for this evening event! These two threw one heck of a party for their large guest list, complete with family style dining and a Grammy-winning bluegrass band.

    The Couple


    Hunter swept Bailey off of her feet in college. With his easy smile, we could all see why they fell for one another! He spent much of their engagement at the police academy and began his career with the Knoxville Police Department shortly before their wedding.


    Bailey is one of the sweetest brides I've worked with. She and her mom were so excited to plan the wedding, but never let the details bog them down. She was overjoyed to be marrying her sweetheart and I enjoyed her excitement!

    She works as an elementary school teacher in Knoxville, TN and her love of children is incredible to witness.


    Bailey & Hunter are ALWAYS laughing! The way he looks at her is incredible and they are extremely supportive and proud of one another. You can't help but smile when around them!

    Our Love Story

    Bailey & Hunter met their freshman year of college in their very first class. They also lived in the same freshman dorm. They clicked right away and became close friends. They spent their free time attending hockey games and concerts and taking road trips all over the area. Their well-intended trips to the library resulted in laughing, talking and goofing off instead of studying! They loved spending time together, but although everyone else knew it, they couldn't see just how much they meant to one another. Their senior year, the glass shattered, and they realized they had true, romantic feelings for one another. Two years later, he popped the question and the rest is history!

    What's Next

    After the wedding, the couple moved into a new home in Knoxville and started new careers: he joined KPD and she started teaching at a new elementary school in the Knoxville area.

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