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    Colby & Ben Romantic & Elegant Nashville Wedding

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    Nashville never fails to bring us the most beautiful brides and the most stunning weddings! Just take a gander at Colby & Ben's special day. Colby's gorgeous gown set the tone for a wedding full of elegance and grace, with its lace embellishments and a stunning beaded belt. And in addition to the romance and class, bouquets of peaches, oranges, and white, along with turquoise accents in the maids' dresses and the groomsmen's ties, really spiced things up! Scoobie's Photographic Images expertly captured all of the gorgeous details of the day, as well as all the love and bliss between the bride and groom and all of their family and friends. And while Colby & Ben chose to wait to see each other for when Colby was headed down the aisle, I am swooning over the photos of Colby and her dad's "first look" — his face is priceless at seeing his little girl becoming a bride! After an intimate and romantic ceremony, and plenty of fun pictures on the bridge, the couple chose the perfect reception venue of The Bridge Building Event Spaces to celebrate their marriage and dance the night away. Join us in congratulating the happy couple!

    The Couple


    Ben is most certainly Colby's soulmate. He is sweet, kind-hearted, and accommodating. He was an eager and willing participant in the planning of the day. I truly believe he was in it to ensure his bride-to-be was happy and got everything she's always dreamt of for their big day.


    Colby is a beautiful person inside and out. From our initial meeting, the engagement session, and the wedding day, she was very sweet, poised, fun, and ready to become a new Mrs.


    They are truly in sync with one another. They are a beautiful couple with energy and enthusiasm for one another. Most of all they are fun and eager to try anything — so long as they do it together.

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